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More strange things are amiss in these sci-fi supernatural TV shows similar to the 80s-inspired Netflix hit.

Sci Fi Supernatural Shows Like Stranger Things Shows Similar to Stranger Things

6. Hemlock Grove

Sci Fi Horror Shows Like Stranger Things Hemlock Grove

Like Stranger Things, Hemlock Grove is a Netflix original series – this one veering more heavily towards traditional horror. Based on the novel by Brian McGreevy, the story follows the lives of small-town Pennsylvania folks as they come to grips with strange and horrifying events plaguing the community, including the brutal murders of two teenaged girls. As the story progresses, it becomes clear nothing is at it seems in the show’s dark and sinister world.

Akin to a few other TV shows like Stranger Things, Hemlock Grove takes delight in frightening us with supernatural tropes aplenty. There are lurking monsters, too – though of a far… hairier variety. Mystery and intrigue also permeates the main storyline as characters seek to discover the true motives of the mass murderer on the loose.

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7. Sense 8

Sci Fi Horror Shows Like Stranger Things Sense8

Sense8 is yet another acclaimed Netflix original series – this one coming from the brilliant minds of Lana and Lilly Wachowski, the duo behind The Matrix. The show follows a group of seemingly unconnected people from across the world who, for reasons unknown, suddenly develop supernatural psycho-somatic links to each other. All eight of them soon find themselves entangled in a global conspiracy as they work together to evade an unknown organization intent on capturing them for their own intents and purposes.

Although differing in tone from other TV shows like Stranger Things, Sense 8 does showcase a solid dose of sci-fi and supernatural elements, often straddling the lines between reality and the surreal (particularly with how the main Sensates first become interconnected). Granted, there aren’t any horrifying monsters to be found. However, Stranger Things fans will no doubt delight in the series’s strong cast of characters bound to a curious story worthy of binge-watching.

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8. The X-Files

Sci Fi Horror Shows Like Stranger Things The X Files

No list of sci-fi supernatural TV shows like Stranger Things would be complete without The X-Files. More than two decades later, FBI agents Mulder and Scully have had no problems retaining their thrones as one of the most recognised duos in television history. Mulder’s believing ways and Scully’s skeptic nature still make for perfect on-screen chemistry.

Let’s be frank. The X-Files does suffer from a few storyline bumps and creative misfires throughout the series’s whooping 202 episodes (that number doesn’t include movies, the mini-series, and the recent lackluster revival). Regardless, the sheer amount of weird and wonderful sci-fi and supernatural tropes trumps most other TV shows like Stranger Things. Monsters, aliens, unexplained events – you name it, The X Files’s got it. Also, no other series does a better job at amping up government conspiracies and dirty cover-ups.

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9. The Whispers

Sci Fi Horror Shows Like Stranger Things The Whispers

This short-lived Spielberg-produced series deserves a spot on our list of TV shows like Stranger Things. The main plot revolves around a bunch of children across the country who, unexplainably, all claim to be able to interact with the same unseen entity known only as Drill. In addition, the main protagonist’s (Claire) intertwining search for her long-missing husband quickly drags her down a rabbit hole of otherworldly mysteries and supernatural intrigue, reminiscent of Joyce’s own situation.

Unlike Stranger Things, The Whispers isn’t focused on small-town communities, opting instead for a more ‘crisis against humanity’ slant (though we suspect Stranger Things might move in this direction eventually). Fans will nonetheless find themselves hooked to the show’s sci-fi storyline that will leave many wishing it never got cancelled.

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10. Outcast

Sci Fi Horror Shows Like Stranger Things Outcast

Based on the comic series, Outcast, like Stranger Things, thrives on its supernatural elements – though its antagonists are demonic in nature. Also centered on a small-town community, the plot focuses on the life of Kyle, a troubled man whose previous dealings with dark supernatural forces has left him broken and alone. He eventually teams up with Reverend Anderson as the exorcising duo seek to discover the true source of the town’s ever-growing infestation of evil.

As with most TV shows like Stranger Things, the atmosphere in Outcast is thick with dread, with each episode raising new and thrilling questions. It also hints strongly at something bigger and far more sinister at work connecting each horrifying case of demonic possession.

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Also Worth Mentioning… some movies like Stranger Things

Let The Right One In

This masterful vampire love story is no sparkling Twilight. Stranger Things fans will instantly fall in love with many thematic similarities between the two shows. This includes the tender supernatural relationship between Oskar and Eli (strongly reminiscent of Mike and El, as this video explores). A true Swedish classic!


Super 8

A young group of best friends? Check. Sci-fi tropes and otherworldly creatures? Check. Coming of age subplots? Yes! Government conspiracies and secret labs? Double yes! Super 8 is a shoo-in when it comes to movies like Stranger Things.


Midnight Special

The sci-fi plot here revolves around a child with superhuman powers, a little like El. There’s also a running theme of deep parental love with a father fighting off agents looking to kidnap his extraordinary son.


Did we miss any more TV shows like Stranger Things? Leave your comments below and we’ll be sure to add them to this growing list!

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