10 Time Killer Games Like Agar.io

These addictive Agar.io-like games will let you feed off the weak, run from the strong!

Time Killer Games Like Agar.io Games Similar to Agario

Coded by Mattheus Valadares, Agar.io is a simple multiplayer ‘time-killer’ game where you start off as a tiny 2D cell. The aim is to grow in size as you shallow up other smaller cells controlled by real-life players. Players can also split their cells into two, strategically flinging themselves to consume nearby enemies. They can even eject mass to feed team members while speeding up their own movements. Indeed, for all its simplicity (or perhaps, because of it?), Agar.io has achieved incredible success with tens of thousands of players logging on every day. Not bad for a game about… eating and growing stuff. Of course, with success comes the inevitable ‘me-too’ copycats, accompanied by the returning popularity of Agar.io’s predecessors. This is all a good thing of course, since players looking for more games like Agar.io are now treated with a pleasant variety of similarly addictive time killer games to lull the listless hours away. Here are 10 Agar.io-like games definitely worth a try! (Also check out our list of Games Like Slither.io)


Selection Criteria for Our List

  • Features elements of ‘consuming’ things and/or ‘growing’ in size, with a few strategic elements thrown in.
  • Simple, non-intensive graphics.
  • No elaborate storyline to speak off; can be played in short time killer bursts or long hours.
  • Excludes games that are too much of a direct Agar.io clone (e.g. Agaribi, Agarly, etc.).
  • Selections are in no particular order.


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1. Slither.io

Time Killer Games Like Agar.io Slith.io

Slither.io is essentially Agar.io meets the old-skool Nokia ‘snake’ game. Developed by LowTech Enterprises, the game is all about eating little glowing orbs that increases the length of your colorful snake. Players can also attempt to trick other players into colliding into them, causing the latter to dissolve into the aforementioned orbs for consumption and growth. Graphically, Slither.io is actually more polished than Agar.io – but the game loads just as quickly thanks to good coding. There’s a lot of hidden strategic depth to Slither.io, though the game is still highly accessible to players looking for a quick addictive fix. One of the best time killer games like Agar.io available!

Play Slither.io Online. 


2. Biome3D

Time Killer Games Like Agar.io Biome3d

Biome3D is Agar.io in 3D. Like Agar.io, you control a cell (in this case, a sphere) that rolls around consuming others smaller than you. Splitting is also possible. The camera can also be rotated to look around the 3D environments. Occasional lags do occur, but changing servers to one that’s located nearer to your region usually solves this. A short draw-distance does throw the gameplay off a little. Other than that, Biome3D is a perfectly playable time killer game suitable for any dreary office day.

Play Biome3D Online.


3. Circle Game

Time Killer Games Like Agar.io Circle Game

Circle Game shares a similar premise to Agar.io. Basically, you start off as a small circle that must consume smaller circles while avoiding bigger ones. However, the game is different in that the screen is instantly bombarded with a cluster of circles, making it more about doing quick dodges and run-ins to achieve growth. It’s pretty addictive stuff! However, those looking for multiplayer time killer games like Agar.io might be disappointed, since Circle Game is a purely single player experience.


4. SuperSnake.io

Time Killer Games Like Agar.io SuperSnake.io

SuperSnake.io is an addictive merger of both Slither.io and Agar.io. Like both games, it’s all about eating stuff to grow bigger. However, what’s unique about SuperSnake.io is the inclusion of various scattered power-ups that introduces new styles of strategic kills. Obstacles are also placed on the map that result in instant death if you touch them. This time killer game is a little slower paced than both Slither.io and Agar.io but is no less addictive.

Play SuperSnake.io Online.


5. Osmos

Time Killer Games Like Agar.io Osmos

Released years before Agar.io, Osmos features the same simple ‘eat and be eaten’ concept – with the nifty inclusion of time-warps and other unique gameplay dynamics. The game has a far greater production value than Agar.io, with the developers priding themselves in Osmos’ “elegant, physics-based gameplay, dreamlike visuals, and a minimalist electronic soundtrack”. Osmos was even nominated for numerous Indie Game awards upon its release. Definitely a must-try for those looking for more time killer games like Agar.io!

Play Osmos.

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    Sometimes, too big is not a good idea. If you think that you are too slow to hunt down opponents, it is better to split into two blobs. It will help you re-engage into the game.

    • Definitely! The game slows to a clumsy crawl when you get too large in scale — and you can actually acquire more ‘points’ from splitting and speeding up. Of course, sometimes that might lead to the accident of an even bigger blob swallowing up all the little pieces!

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    • No problem! Glad we could help. Keep a lookout for our newest .io article coming out for diep.io –> another excellent free game! It’s like Tank Wars + Agar.io!


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