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Fun activities, mini games, and child-safety filters make these online family games great Animal Jam alternatives!

Online Family Games Like Animal Jam Games Similar To Animal Jam

6. Puzzle Pirates

Online Family Games Like Animal Jam Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates takes the kind of mini games you’ll come across in Animal Jam and makes them the central attraction of the game. For example, most activities from firing cannons to blacksmithing items require you to solve a small puzzle. This may be a bit much for really young kids – though they’re simple enough to suit most other children. 

Coolest of all, Puzzle Pirate allows you to captain your own ship and team up with online buddies to form crews. You can also hunt for hidden treasure, take part in epic ship battles, sail to Atlantis, amongst other fun stuff. As with most online family games like Animal Jam, there’s tons of character customizations available for you to tweak to your heart’s content.  

Play Puzzle Pirates Online.


7. AdventureQuest Worlds

Online Family Games Like Animal Jam Adventure World Quests

Similar to most online family games like Animal Jam, AdventureQuest Worlds is very easy to get into and will appeal to young children and adults alike. However, unlike Animal Jam, AdventureQuest Worlds has a much heavier focus on RPG combat and party missions. Customization options are also much more focused on upgrading class-based weapons and armour.

The developers behind AdventureQuest Worlds make it a point to upload new content every few weeks. So, you’ll always be kept happy with new stuff to do alongside millions of other online players. In addition, there’s a surprising amount of lore and backstory for a browser game. AdventureQuest Worlds’ social features are also well-implemented, helping with easy guild meet-ups and chats.

AdventureQuest Worlds has a strict policy against bad language, thus opening the game up to younger players.

Play AdventureQuest Worlds Online. 


8. DDTank

Online Family Games Like Animal Jam DDTank

DDTank allows you to create your own cute character with a similar cartoony style to most online family games like Animal Jam. You can also dress him/her up in a wide assortment of adorable outfits.

Gameplay-wise, DDTank is a bit more complex than Animal Jam and plays very differently. This free-to-play online family game is all about mini battles against other online opponents. Each player takes turns to move his/her character and fire weapons, thus making it somewhat like Worms or Gunbound. Various battle modes keep things fresh and interesting. There’s also a very active online community for you to interact with. DDTank prides itself for having a large female player-base, though boys (and all adults!) are bound to enjoy it just as much.

Play DDTank Online.


9. Fantage

Online Family Games Like Animal Jam Fantage

Fantage is one of the most popular online family games like Animal Jam around with more than 30 million registered users. It’s a virtual world specifically geared to kids, letting them create unique avatars with colorful hairs, outfits, and gear. The game even gifts you a free home at the very start with plenty of decorative furnitures to collect.

Like Animal Jam, Fantage offers plenty of educational games and activities for you to partake in. There are also tons of uniquely themed areas (e.g. Downtown, Pet Town, Wizard’s School, etc.) to interact with others from across the world. Holiday seasons are ushered in with plenty of fanfare and bonus events.

The developers of the game pride themselves in their three-tiered child-safety system. So, parents, rest easy!

Play Fantage Online. 


10. Poptropica

Online Family Games Like Animal Jam Poptropica

Poptropica allows you to explore a wide range of interactive stories, games, and quests in a kid-friendly environment. As with other games like Animal Jam, you get to create your own cute character and pick out your own outfits and accessories. There’s also multiple islands to visit with unique themes and activities.

Social features are aplenty. You can even create your own Multiverse room or join others, chatting with players in the same virtual space. In addition, Poptropica Realms gives you the power to shape terrain, discover creatures, and craft your own items. You can then invite your buddies over to check out your custom creations.

Poptropica is published by Family Education Network. So, you can bet those child-safety measures are in place.

Play Poptropica Online.


Honorable Mentions:



Petra’s Planet


Bin Weevils


Online Family Games Like Animal Jam Kingdom Island

Kingdom Island


Animal Jam-like social features, gameplay is more akin to Minecraft.


Animal Jam-like social features, with Minecraft-ish gameplay. Also check out our list on


Are there any more excellent online family games like Animal Jam? Comment below with your favorites and we’ll add them into the list!

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