10 Online Board Games Like Risk

Deploy, defend, and conquer your way to victory with these online Risk-like games!

10 Online Board Games Like Risk

Risk is a classic board game invented by Albert Lamorisse (a film director, of all things!). His idea was later purchased by legendary game-makers Parker Brothers and first released to the public in 1957. Decades later, Risk still retains much of its original concept. You pick a side, deploy your troops, and attack others in a quest to achieve global dominance. Defense and reinforcements are also key to victory. In more recent years, Risk has also made a successful jump into , winning over a brand new audience of millions. Looking to capitalize on the franchise’s popularity, many similar online board games like Risk have also cropped up over the years. Here are 10 of them worth playing! 


Selection Criteria of Our List

  • Each Risk-like game should have similar strategy phases. This includes selecting sides, deploying troops, executing attacks, random dice rolls, defending against enemies, reinforcements, and so on. Basically, all your standard Risk stuff.
  • There should be a traditional overhead-view world map or equivalent. So, no gimmicky perspectives.
  • Gameplay should be turn-based.
  • These online board games like Risk must offer competitive play, be it against online AIs or, preferably, real human players.
  • Preference for browser-based games (we made a few exceptions for Android games, for variety’s sake). 
  • Selections are in no particular order.


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1. WarLight

Online Board Games Like Risk Games Similar to Risk WarLight

WarLight plays very much the same as most games like Risk. You basically overlook a world map, deploy troops, and defend / conquer territories against opponents. The layout of these territories is basically similar to Risk as well. That means you can expect most of your tried-and-true Risk-like strategies to work well in WarLight too. The game is also browser-based, so there’s no need for clunky programs or installs.

WarLight doesn’t have much in the way of fancy graphics or effects. The game aims to be minimal in aesthetics, sticking to basic colors and text-based instructions. This is actually a good thing since everything loads very quickly and doesn’t suffer from annoying lags. There’s also a handy quick tutorial that’ll ease you into the groove of things in no time.

The online community for WarLight is actually really active thanks to well-implemented social features. You can even upload or try out custom maps, which adds hours of strategic value to the core Risk-like gameplay. In addition, you can (optionally) play for real-life cash in many online matches (i.e. you get 100 bonus coins when you sign up for free, with each coin worth $0.01). Victories earn you more coins which you can then withdraw into your personal cash account. Obviously, you’re not going to be able to afford a house from playing WarLight – but it’s nonetheless a nice added incentive. Thankfully, the coins you make do not grant any in-game advantages, thus keeping things fair for everyone.

Overall, WarLight is one of the most popular and best online board games like Risk available. A definite must-play!

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Play WarLight Online.


2. atWar

Online Board Games Like Risk Games Similar To Risk atWar

atWar is one of a few games similar to Risk – but with a few key enhancements. For starters, it combines core Risk-like rules with elements of Civilization. So, that means you’ll be given a huge variety of unit types with unique attributes whilst also managing Cities that generate new troops. Compared to WarLight, the maps in atWar look a bit more detailed and even come with distinct themes (e.g. Game of Thrones, Toy Wars, etc.). Territorial movements are also much more free-flowing.

Admittedly, atWar has a slightly steeper learning curve than most other games similar to Risk. However, the useful tutorials do a fantastic job with introducing you to the main features. In addition, atWar loads quickly in your browser, though you can also choose the downloadable option.

Most of atWar is free-to-play. Nevertheless, you have the choice to sign up for their paid Subscription plan that unlocks a whole bunch of goodies, including the chance to create custom games of up to 20 players. You can even join large Coalitions with other online players, adding even more depth to the core Risk-like gameplay.

All in all, atWar is an easy recommendation for anyone keen to try other online board games like Risk.

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Play atWar Online.


3. Conquer Club

Online Board Games Like Risk Games Similar to Risk Conquer Club

Conquer Club takes pride in its Risk-like roots. Thus, as you’d expect, you be busy deploying troops and attacking / defending new territories, all in an effort to vanquish your online opponents. Even better, the game absolutely nails it when it comes to world map varieties. atWar has a whooping total of more than 200+ varied maps, giving you near infinite ways to adapt and improve your core strategy. Best of all, each map is aesthetically pleasing – no real bells and whistles, but definitely easy on your eyes.

The game also takes creative steps to improve on its base Risk-inspired gameplay. For instance, you’re able to earn exclusive Medals and win bonus inventory items from the Conquer Gods. There are also special Bombardments and Killer Neutrals that add new strategic depth. In addition, there are tons of game modes available, including Bot Play, Human Play, Team Games, Battle Royales, Fog of War, and many more.

Conquer Club is one of the most popular online board games like Risk around. So, you can expect a good sized community with many different clans to join. You can even participant in epic Events with other online players that can stretch on for years – kinda like real-life wars, actually.

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Play Conquer Club Online.


4. Dominating 12

Online Board Games Like Risk Games Similar To Risk Dominating Twelve

Dominating 12 is a Risk-like game that has the usual planning and execution phases, along with reinforcements and territorial fortification. Like WarLight, this browser-based game has colorful yet simple-looking world maps with similar Risk boundaries. The game also offers two main modes of play: Live (speed games) for quick online matches under 10 minutes, and Long games that can take days or even weeks to finish.

Dominating 12 has one of the best implemented social features among games like Risk. You’re free to chat with other players in real-time and send messages. Interestingly, such interactions can actually add a lot of hidden strategic depth to the game as you’ll be able to make secret alliances and even play ‘mind games’ with your foe in the main chat room. Dominating 12 also has a monthly list of the top dozen (i.e. dominating 12) players around the world, giving you an indication of where you skill levels stand in relation to others.

All in all, Dominating 12 is a solid entry comparable to most other quality online board games like Risk.

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Play Dominating 12 Online


5. Dice Wars

Online Board Games Like Risk Games Similar To Risk Dice Wars

Dice Wars is slightly different from most other games like Risk. The basic idea remains the same: you own territories, attack / defend others, and dominate the entire map. However, here, instead of military personnel, you literally play as rolling dice – hence the name Dice Wars. Everything is presented in simple aesthetics without any browser-lag whatsoever.

There are however a few setbacks. First, maps are randomly generated, so you’re limited to rejecting and accepting the ones shown to you. In addition, the game is played online – but lacks true multiplayer support. So, you’re basically limited to playing against up to seven AIs without real human rivals. The good news? Dice Wars’ bots are very well-programmed and will put up quite a tough challenge. You’ll also never have to wait long for your turn since their moves are pretty much instant.

Dice Wars may not appeal to some due to its lack of multiplayer support. However, its no-frills gameplay makes it the perfect Alt-Tab Risk-like game to kill those dull office days.

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Play Dice Wars Online.

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