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These Clash Royale-like games are the perfect mix of MOBA, tower defense, and card-collecting!

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale

11. Soul of Eden

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale Soul of Eden

This game isn’t officially released yet – but it certainly looks promising to us! It shares many elements in common to other best mobile strategy games like Clash Royale. You fight down a battlefield trying to reach and destroy the enemy Guardian. Recharging Soul Power is used to summon units (i.e. cards) that will tilt the tide of war in your favour. Each unit has various powers you can use to counter enemies. One unique feature is your ability to draw your own formations, thus widening your attack options. Graphically, Soul of Eden adopts a sleek sci-fi military theme with plenty of smooth animations and gorgeous colors. A solid title to keep your eye on in the months to come!

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12. Bump Sheep

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale Bump Sheep

Bump Sheep isn’t a MOBA or tower defense game by any measure. However, it shares a somewhat similar tug-o-war system to Clash Royale. You go head-to-head with your opponent by summoning Sheep down five lanes. The person who manages to nudge the most sheep off the battlefield wins. Each unit carries different ‘weight’. You’ll thus have to strategize by deciding where and when to best drop your heavier pushers. Similar to other games like Clash Royale, all matches are fast-paced, requiring you to both attack and defend at the same time. Bump Sheep is overall a much more basic game than most titles on this list – but is no less addictive when played with a friend.

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13. The Battle Cats

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale The Battle Cats

As with Stick War, The Battle Cats doesn’t have an online PvP component. However, the game’s tug-of-war gameplay shares a lot in common with other games like Clash Royale. You control various types of cat units (and other animals) as you try to take out the enemy’s tower. Similar to Clash Royale, deploying each unit onto the battlefield uses points that refills overtime. The key to victory thus lies with using the best suited units at appropriate times. You’ll also have to decide on which cats / animals to preload into each match. In addition, the art style of The Battle Cats is very polished and well-animated, reflecting the game’s high production quality. Fans of this game will also enjoy Cartoon Wars 3 based on very similar mechanics.

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14. Gear Craft

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale Gear Craft

Yet another Clash Royale knockoff. Here, Gear Craft keeps much of the same premise as Supercell’s original but revamps the overall theme and units. For example, you’ll use Tanks and Soldiers instead of Giants and Trolls. Units are upgradeable and winning matches nabs you loot. The voiceovers in Gear Craft are also well-done. A few users have complained that the app doesn’t always allow you to successfully connect with other players. However, you might want to still give it a try if you’re keen for testing out more games like Clash Royale.

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15. Defenders 2

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale Prime World Defenders 2

Part of the Prime World series, Defenders 2 amps up the tower defense element of Clash Royale with an equal focus on custom deck-building. You’re able to collect up to 40 distinct towers and 20 magical spells, all of which can be combined to create unique defense strategies. The online mode lets you compete with other players to further expand your tower collection. Similar to the best mobile strategy games like Clash Royale, Defenders 2 is very easy to pick up. However, it’ll take you quite a while to truly master with its deep strength / weakness system and endless setup possibilities. Overall, this is a game Clash Royale fans will surely enjoy, even with its different gameplay emphasis.

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16. Battle Royale

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale Battle Royale

For all its blatant imitation, Battle Royale actually sits at a very high Google Play rating of 4.4 / 5 from more than six thousand reviews. It adorns a cutesy military theme and has many of the exact same mechanics you’d expect from games like Clash Royale. You’ll push down lanes, fight online PvP battles, and collect new units and upgrades. Matches are fast and require your usual balance of attack / defense. Overall, you’ll likely find Battle Royale to be surprisingly good for what it is.


17. Magic Rush: Heroes

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale Magic Rush Heroes

Fans of Clash Royale will enjoy Magic Rush’s combination of tower defense, MOBA, and custom team-building. However, it mixes things together in a different way from most games like Clash Royale. The chief focus here is to evolve your chosen Hero, becoming more and more powerful as you play. You’re also able to pick from various upgradable unit types to form a team of five to fight through numerous maps / quests. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses. The TD sections are unique in that towers are based on your Hero’s main stats. In addition, there’s an online mode where you’re free to compete in tournaments and PvP matches. Overall, Magic Rush isn’t quite the same as Clash Royale. Nonetheless, it has many of the same addictive albeit rearranged elements that makes Supercell’s game so appealing.

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18. Bloon TD Battles

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale Bloon TD Battles

Bloon TD Battles doesn’t incorporate MOBA or CCG elements but still shares a lot of the competitive tower defense spirit of Clash Royale. Here, you take part in PvP fights against other online players. Your main objective is to build powerful towers to prevent balloons from reaching the end of your lane. However, the twist here is that you can also carry out offensive attacks, sending balloons over to your rival’s side of the screen to try and trip him / her up. All towers are upgradable using currency collected from popping balloons. Overall, you’ll definitely find Bloon TD Battles to be easily among the best mobile strategy games like Clash Royale available, even without some key elements.

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19. Tower Conquest

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale Tower Conquest

Tower Conquest is a cross between The Battle Cats and Clash Royale. Like The Battle Cats, you’ll be pushing down a single side-scrolling lane trying to destroy your enemy’s towers. The game also has MOBA-esque elements similar to Clash Royale. For example, most of your units are fully upgradeable and you’ll be rewarded with tons of card and cash loot with every victory you score. In addition, you’ll be given five squad slots to select the most suitable units for each battle. Aesthetically, Tower Conquest is without a doubt one of the most visually striking games like Clash Royale around. Animations are sleek and come with tons of flair. The game can also be played both online and offline.

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20. Anomaly 2

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale Anomaly 2

To say that Anomaly 2 looks good is a major understatement. This game is downright gorgeous with its high-res maps and special effects! It plays as a reverse tower-defense game. Your main goal is to build a custom squad of units to endure attacks from intimidating towers as you push down a winding pathway. Each unit has two different morphing forms and is fully upgradeable. Fans of Clash Royale will also enjoy Anomaly 2’s online PvP mode. Here, one player controls the invading force and the other constructs towers to stop him / her. All in all, the game isn’t quite the same as other games like Clash Royale. However, it deserves a mention here for its solid balance of tower attack / defense gameplay, simple core mechanics, and deep strategic customizations – all qualities that make Clash Royale so addictive.

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Know of other best mobile strategy games like Clash Royale? Drop your suggestions in the comments section and we’ll add it into this list!

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