10 Hack and Slash Games Like Diablo

Grind your way through hordes of enemies with these loot-rich games like Diablo!

Hack and Slash Games Like Diablo 3

The Diablo series really struck a special chord with gamers when it launched back in 97. It’s maintained its popularity for years thanks to the more recent release of Diablo 3 which remains easy to pick up, has tons of interesting loot to find, and constantly rewards you with new power-ups. Given the series’s lasting popularity, it’s no wonder loads of games like Diablo are being churned out all the time – but few are as good.

Lucky for you, dear reader, we’ve poured our energy into finding 10 of the best hack and slash games like Diablo currently available. These games aren’t exact carbon copies of Blizzard’s classic – but they will no doubt scratch your loot-grabbin’, monster-slayin’ itch in all the right ways.


Selection Criteria of Our List

  • Each game should have a view that’s close to or is isometric. Being able to see the area around your character is crucial to what makes Diablo tick.
  • The game should have dungeons that you complete. Whilst they might not technically always be ‘dungeons’ per se (e.g. they could be science labs, for example), the usual ‘dungeon’ features of checkpoints, enemies, and items to collect are a must.
  • Speaking of items – LOOT! Diablo lives and dies by the ability to pick up loot so all games on this list will have you collecting and using new weapons, armour, and other goodies.
  • All games will have hack and slash combat. Nothing turn-based and certainly no first-person shooting. You’ll be clicking on enemies and using special abilities when they’ve cooled down in all games on this list.


This list could potentially be 100 entries long. However, rather than quantity, what follows are 10 quality suggestions for games like Diablo that offer familiar hack and slash gameplay with a touch of a unique feature or two.

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1. Torchlight 2

Hack and Slash Games Like Diablo 3 Torchlight 2

Why it’s Similar: I know I warned you that nothing was going to be exactly like Diablo, but here we have Torchlight 2 – a game that’s as close to being Diablo before the lawyers get called. Set in a medieval fantasy world, you’ll be given a little lore and essentially told to go and raid dungeons full of evil. Evil what exactly? Skeletons, goblins, ghosts – the usual.

Why it’s Different: The main difference between Diablo and Torchlight 2 is probably the tone and visual style. Torchlight 2 has a much less dour set of quests and quest-givers. In Diablo, everything’s unapologetically doom and gloom, whilst in Torchlight 2… everything’s terrible and we’re still doomed… but a little less so. Also, the visuals are much brighter than Diablo’s – even more vivid than Diablo 3 which already caught a bit of flak for being ‘too bright’.

Overall: There’s tons of loot and a good selection of classes to play as. Torchlight 2 is a damn fine Diablo homage that doesn’t really try anything new, but it does what it does very well. Definitely one of the best hack and slash games like Diablo released!

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2. Magicka 2

Hack and Slash Games Like Diablo 3 Magicka 2

Why it’s Similar: Wizards casting spells against evil enemies and all done from an isometric perspective. Magicka 2 has all of the hack and slash grind you’d want from games like Diablo. It also has plenty of dungeons full of Diablo-esque monsters for you to make your way through. All of that monster killing will see you unlocking new gear and new spells too.

Why it’s Different: Whilst Diablo games offer the basic option of co-operative play, Magicka 2 actually begs itself to be played with friends. The reason for this is that each player controls a wizard and we all know that wizards can cast spells. What makes Magicka 2 stand out is that spells can be combined. So if you cast a fireball and your friend casts a whirlwind spell, should the two spells touch, you’ll have created a whirlwind made of flames! If your friend casts a tidal wave and you a thunderbolt – well, you’ve just made an electrified wave of death! You get the drift. Magicka 2 also has a light-hearted sense of humor not found in Diablo games.

Overall: Playing around with the different combinations of magic spells is great fun. Magicka 2 is an absolute blast for two or more players.

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3. Titan Quest

Hack and Slash Games Like Diablo 3 Titan Quest

Why it’s Similar: This game contains both hacking and slashing in equal measure – much like Diablo. It’s got a similar control scheme and camera angle plus there’s tons of items, weapons and armour to pick up. Complete quests to earn experience and level-up to unlock new abilities. It’s pretty much just like Diablo…  except…

Why it’s Different: Titan Quest is set in a mythical ancient world. Think ‘God of War meets Diablo’ and you’ll have a good idea. You’ll fight Cyclops, Hydras and all manner of monsters from Greek, Egyptian and even Chinese mythology.

Overall: If you’re tired of fighting traditional monsters but still want something that strongly resembles Diablo, Titan Quest will definitely have your back. It’s also out on mobile devices now, so there’s really no excuse. Strongly recommended for anyone keen on games like Diablo!

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4. Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Hack and Slash Games Like Diablo 3 Silent Hill Book of Memories

Why it’s Similar: Loosely set in the Silent Hill universe, Silent Hill: Book of Memories didn’t exactly wow fans of the survival-horror franchise. Why? Well, instead of being a slow-paced stroll through a town disfigured by Satanic forces, Book of Memories replaced traditional Silent Hill gameplay with a more Diablo-like structure. There’s plenty of dungeons to work through and equipment to find and utilise. This is a title definitely suited to fans looking for more games like Diablo, not the usual Silent Hill fare.

Why it’s Different: The setting still remains true to Silent Hill and has a creepy atmosphere throughout all of its dungeons (called ‘zones’). This applies to the enemies too as you’ll come up against Silent Hill favourites like Pyramid Head and the Nurses. The game is also more focused on extensive exploration than Diablo, with each level requiring you to find specific puzzle pieces to progress. This is made more difficult due to dangerous enemies and environments filled with deadly traps. 

Overall: Silent Hill: Book of Memories is similar enough to Diablo that you can easily get into the action but it also offers enough of its own unique features. It’s also a Vita exclusive, meaning you’ll be able to get your Diablo fix on the go (should you be one of the 5 people that actually owns a Vita… I kid, I kid. I own one myself!)

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5. Heroes of Ruin

Hack and Slash Games Like Diablo 3 Heroes of Ruin

Why it’s Similar: Taking place in a strange land full of even stranger creatures, Heroes of Ruin is basically a Diablo clone but for your 3DS. It features multiple classes, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and playing style, much like Diablo.

Why it’s Different: Being designed for the 3DS, Heroes of Ruin tries to make use of the unique features of Nintendo’s handheld. SpotPass and wireless local multiplayer are put to good use and will let you tackle some of the game’s harder challenges together with a friend.

Overall: Heroes of Ruin is a little less polished than the rest of the games like Diablo on this list. Nonetheless, it’s a good enough Diablo alternative for those of you that own a 3DS. It can also be picked up for really cheap now, so it’s well worth a look if you’re on a budget.

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