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Vehicular chaos and sporting mayhem abound in these insanely addictive games!

Insane Competitive Games Like Rocket League Games Similar to Rocket League

6. Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

Insane Competitive Games Like Rocket League Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

Physics-based Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball is a first-person game that lets players dash around a hyper-lighted dance club dodging and hitting others with bouncy projectiles. There’s no soccer or scoring netted goals in this game. However, like Rocket League, you’ll be having plenty of fun deflecting, jumping, chasing, and doing all sorts of crazy mid-air maneuvers in zany online FFA or team matches.

Disco Dodgeball is big on aesthetic customization. You’ll be able deck your character with wacky hats, bodies, sunglasses, and other fun decals. There are lots of in-game power-ups too like jetpacks and laser balls that add to the thrills of fast-paced matches. Similar to other insanely competitive games like Rocket League, Disco Dodgeball’s base controls are easy, but again, you’ll have to invest effort to be a true robotic dodgeball champ. Steam reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, many from fellow Rocket Leaguers.

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7. FootLOL: Epic Fail League

Insane Competitive Games Like Rocket League FootLOL Epic Fail League

FootLOL is all about hilarious soccer chaos. The game completely embraces its over-the-top nature, equipping you with a slew of mines, guns, flame strikes, cows (yes, cows), aliens (yes, them too), shields, and other crazy stuff as you battle across planetary soccer arenas. However, unlike Rocket League, there are no individual player controls. Instead, all the characters (including your team) move automatically as you aim your cursor to inflict maximum disruptions to stop your rivals from scoring. There’s actually a bit of strategy involved in deciding the right combination of weaponry to take into each match. Choose wrongly and you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of a thrashing.

The game has a decent single player Championship Mode that serves as a good training ground. However, the true addictive fun of FootLOL is in online multiplayer. Matches are always unpredictable. One moment you may be leading by 15 points with just a minute to go – only to find yourself suddenly annihilated by your opponent’s stored up attacks. The game isn’t perfect (e.g. the lack of individual player control is a bit disconcerting, servers can be wonky, etc.) Still, it’s definitely a title to check out if you’re looking for other bombastic soccer games like Rocket League.

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8. Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

Insane Competitive Games Like Rocket League Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer doesn’t have rocket-charged cars. But what it lacks in vehicular chaos it more than makes up for with insane over-the-top soccer addictiveness. The most fun to be had is in its local multiplayer mode (up to 5 players). You’ll be sliding, passing, and shooting your way to team victory in no time. Just for kicks (ha!), there are special super-moves that let you use magnets to draw the ball to you or teleport across the field, among other logic-defying skills. Like Rocket League, controls are ridiculously basic (i.e. just two buttons!). But, again, it’ll take time to work your way up to becoming a real soccer legend.

The game is in Early Access at the moment but has already received Very Positive ratings on Steam. A planned online multiplayer feature is already in the works (yes!). If you’re looking for more fun team-based soccer games like Rocket League, look no further than Kopanito All-Stars Soccer.

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9. Mario Strikers Charged

Insane Competitive Games Like Rocket League Mario Strikers Charged

Rocket League is kinda like a wild mix of Twisted Metal and Mario Strikers Charged. A sequel to Super Mario Strikers, Mario Strikers Charged is an arena street football game with the rulebook thrown out. You’ll be dishing out Super Abilities, Mega Strikes, Bananas, Shells, Bob-ombs, Chomps, and so much more as you try to score goals by any means necessary. Like Rocket League, the soccer action is fast and furious with simple controls and a steady climb to mastery.

There is however a bit of added strategy. For example, you’ll have to place your Nintendo characters in the right combination of roles for maximum field effectiveness. Mario Strikers Charged also has nothing in the form of vehicles. Unlike Rocket League, online multiplayer connection is a bit shoddy, though local play is always immensely fun. Overall, this oldie-but-a-goodie is most definitely worth looking into for those who enjoy the nutty soccer-esque elements of Rocket League.

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10. #IDARB

Insane Competitive Games Like Rocket League IDARB

#IDARB is a rapid twitch-paced 2D competitive game that, although not looking like Rocket League at first glance, actually shares a lot in common with the best-selling game. Like Rocket League, there’s an online arena multiplayer mode that pits teams against each other in a mad dash of shooting and defending. You’ll be jumping everywhere across the map, intercepting a wildly rebounding ball as you try to make that perfectly angled winning shot (with some goals scored through sheer luck). Again, #IDARB is easy to pick up and play with a lot of depth behind the deceptive simplicity.

One ultra-fun aspect of #IDARB is the ability to easily create your own custom theme song using the in-built music composer. You can also design 8-bit pixel art characters from scratch. Best of all, there’s even a cool social media feature that lets spectators Hash Bomb ongoing games (e.g. turn other players into clowns, switch off the arena lights, etc.). Overall, #IDARB is pretty distinct from Rocket League in many respects. However, players in search of intensely competitive games like Rocket League with plenty of high-speed thrills and strategic mayhem need not look any further than this indie e-sport hit.

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Honourable Mentions

Team Fortress 2: Pass Time [official mod] : fast-paced first-person team bloodsport, lots of running, hyper jumps, defending, interceptions, etc. as you try to score a ‘jack’ (i.e. ball) into your opponent’s goal.
Deathrow : punch, kick, toss, and stomp your opponents as you try to score in this manic futuristic basketball / football / hockey hybrid.


Did I miss any zany competitive games like Rocket League? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below and I’ll add them to the list!

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    Metroid Prime: Blast Ball for 3DS is a good one, too.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll look into this and add it to the list. Have you tried any of the games currently on the list?


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