10 Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story

Decide your own fate in these interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story. Intrigue, romance, and high drama await!

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story Games Similar to Episode

Interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story empower you to live out the imaginary life of your dreams. You get to make important choices as various customized characters, a la Choose Your Own Adventure style. Each choice leads you down a different path with exciting plot twists and events thrown in.

Episode Choose Your Story features more than 50,000 gripping Hollywood-style stories of various genres and themes. Want to relive your college years of falling in love for the first time? How about experiencing the struggles of a rising celebrity? Or maybe you fancy yourself a detective trying to solve some dark mystery? With Episode, you’ll get to do all these things and more! This is thanks to creative writers (like yourself) continually contributing to the game’s storytelling community.

Already a fan? Well, we’ve good news for you because Episode isn’t the only game of its kind. In fact, there are already a ton of free interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story to play on both Android and iPhone devices.

We at GLZ have put together our own list of 10 Choice-Based Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story. Well… we’ve technically included DOZENS more, also with many Honorable Mentions!!

Note: To avoid repetition, we’ve excluded games created by Episode Interactive under the Episode franchise banner (e.g. Pretty Little Liars, Demi Lovato: Path to Frame, etc.). Thus, the interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story on this list must be created by different developers.  

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1. Choices: Stories You Play

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choices Stories You Play

Similar to other games like Episode Choose Your Story, Pixelberry’s Choices: Stories You Play gives you the freedom to craft your own story. You’ll fall in love, go on epic adventures, solve crimes, and partake in all sorts of well-written stories that just keep being released. How things unfold is again up to your decisions.

In addition, all your characters are customizable. You’ll thus get to dress them up in cool outfits, change their hairstyles, and so on. Furthermore, the game features gorgeous cartoon-style graphics with hand-crafted backgrounds and attractive colors.

Choices: Stories You Play is available for both Android and iPhone devices, receiving very positive reviews form many Episode Choose Your Story fans.

You’ll also want to check out other Pixelberry releases, including High School Story and Hollywood U: Rising Stars.

Download Choices: Stories You Play for free.


2. Love Story Game

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story Love Story Game

Like most interactive story games similar to Episode, Love Story Game sees you play as a young girl who falls in love with a celebrity (Lance Johnson). You’ll make tons of choices, including how to deal with gossip, what kind of relationship you want to have, and so on. In addition, you can even dump your bae if you decide to!

Also akin to other games like Episode Choose Your Story, Love Story Game has multiple endings, inviting for numerous playthroughs with different decisions.

Other interactive story games also by Hanabi Media include: High School Story, Otome Dating Game, Teen Love Choices, and many more! All episodes are available for iPhone and Android devices for free.

Download Love Story Game for free.


3. City of Love: Paris

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story City of Love

Even Ubisoft has started publishing interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story!

In City of Love: Paris, you’ll plunge into an exciting interactive drama where French culture and romance meet. The game is full of memorable characters, love interests, and even villains. There’s also a mysterious secret to discover that serves as an overarching storyline.

In addition, the graphics here are well-made with colorful character designs and smooth animations. You’ll also get to make important decisions right in front of major Paris landmarks, including Notre Dame, Le Louvre, and more.

A must-play if you’re remotely into choice-driven interactive story games like Episode!

Download City of Love: Paris for free.


4. LongStory: LGBTQ+ Dating Sim

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story LongStory LGBTQ Dating Sim

LongStory fits in nicely with other interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story – but with a special emphasis on LGBTQ+ relationships. You’ll make difficult choices in matters of love, dating, friendships, and more. There are also bullies to deal with and intriguing mysteries to solve, among other things.

The game features multiple episodes, each focused on unique settings and social situations (e.g. getting to know your crush, handling disputes, etc.). Fans of games like Episode will also find LongStory’s cell-shaded characters very appealing.

We expect to see more excellent interactive story games like Episode coming out from developer Bloom Digital real soon!

Download LongStory for free.


5. Nicole

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story Nicole

You play as Nicole, a girl who manages to make it to the high school of her choice. However, what begins as a welcoming orientation soon takes a dark turn when people start to go missing. It’s thus up to you to make the right choices for Nicole to help her get to the bottom of this mystery!

Just like other interactive story games like Episode, you’ll also get to date, take up part-time jobs, and explore the surrounding areas. You’ll interact with interesting characters, making both friends and enemies. In addition, there are multiple romance options, each potentially leading to different endings.

Nicole’s developer Winter Wolves has also made tons of other choice-driven interactive story games like Episode for both iPhones and Android devices. These include: Roommates, Always Remember Me, Queen of Thieves, Bionic Heart, Vera Blanc Ghost in The Castle, among others. Each game has its unique theme – although the choice-driven mechanics remain the same. In addition, you’ll want to check out the Flower Shop series – one of Winter Wolves’ more popular creations.

Download Nicole for free.


6. Friends Forever Stories

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story Friends Forever Stories

Like most interactive story games like Episode, Friends Forever Stories is packed with exciting decision-making episodes. Ever wanted to give your lost love a second chance? How about experiencing the adventures of a girl trying to fit in with a new school? Want to solve a dark high school mystery? It’s all in here!

Friends Forever Stories is well-packaged with bright animations and plenty of choice-driven gameplay. There are even hidden items scattered throughout areas that further the intrigue of each episode.

Developer Games2win.com have also created other similar interactive games like Episode. These include: High School Romance, Dating Frenzy, and more. These titles are less popular than others on this list but are still worth a try.

Download Friends Forever Stories for free.


7. Pirates in Love

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story Pirates In Love

Pirates in Love adds a sexy pirate twist to the familiar formula of other interactive story games like Episode. You play as the only girl onboard a pirate ship filled with handsome men, each with a different personality. Who you wind up with is entirely up to you – and might we add, things do get a bit raunchy!

In addition, the graphics in Pirates in Love follows a gorgeous anime style coupled with great writing. Being a pirate, you’ll also encounter lots of unexpected adventures along your epic voyage.

Creators Voltage, Inc. are famous for producing plenty of high quality interactive story games like Episode. The list includes: Our Two Bedroom Story, Samurai Love Ballad, Scandal in the Spotlight, My Last First Kiss, and plenty more. You’ll be pampered for choice!


8. My Candy Love

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story My Candy Love

In My Candy Love, you’ll have the chance to create your own high-school love story. Make your own decisions on who you want to date or flirt with, while picking up BFFs along the way. Each possible romance partner also has his own personality. You’ll thus have to make careful decisions on how to act and talk to impress him in all the right ways!

Aesthetically, My Candy Love opts for a similar anime-style to Voltage, Inc. releases. Much like other interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story, you’ll also get to customize how your character looks by choosing their outfits and accessories.

Beemoov Games is fairly new to the market of interactive story games. Thus, they haven’t yet released many titles from this genre. Here’s hoping that they continue to produce other games like Episode!

Download My Candy Love for free.


9. Is It Love? Ryan: Visual Novel

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story Is It Love Ryan

Ever wanted to flirt with your domineering boss? Now you can with Is It Love? Ryan: Visual Novel! As the story goes, you’ve been working at Carter Corp for a few months now. However, it isn’t long before Ryan, your boss, starts making advances on you. Do you choose to embrace him and climb up the corporate ladder? Or, perhaps you’ll need to exercise caution? As with other interactive story games like Episode, the choice is entirely up to you, with each one leading to different plots and endings. Think of the game as a subtler 50 Shades of Grey with romance options!

What is especially impressive about Is It Love? Is the writing which has quite a bit of character development and bio info. In addition, you’ll also find that the game shines with polished animations and backgrounds.

Again, 1492 Studio (the developers) is fairly fresh to the interactive story genre. However, their other releases – Otome: Is It Love? Gabriel and Matt – have also received rave reviews from those in love with games like Episode Choose Your Story. Definitely worth a try if you own an iPhone or Android device!

Download Is It Love? Ryan: Visual Novel for free.


10. Zombie High

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story Zombie High

Okay, we thought we’d include something slightly different from other games like Episode on this list – yet still familiar enough for you to enjoy. Set thirteen years into a zombie apocalypse, you play as high-school freshman Jane Valentine. She has two goals: make her crush Tommy fall in love with her, and kill as many zombies as possible! The game offers you tons of choices which affect the main plot and your relationships with others.

However, unlike most interactive story games like Episode, Zombie High has a few added RPG elements that make it stand out. You’ll thus find yourself managing stats like Zombie Infection levels, bullet storage, popularity meters, and so on. All of these affect your overall ranking at the end of the game.

Best of all, developer Delight Games are known for creating interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story with many thematic twists. Other creations by them include Wizard’s Choice, Paladins: Text Adventure RPG, Superhero’s Choice, Detective’s Choice, Deep Space Huntress, and more. As you may guess, their titles are often infused with fantasy or sci-fi elements. This may appeal to Episode fans looking for something fresh to try!

Download Zombie High for free.


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