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Take no prisoners with these over-the-top FPS games similar to Wolfenstein!

Games like Wolfenstein 2

Released in 1992, Wolfenstein 3D is most known for ushering in the era of mainstream FPSs. Since then, the franchise has continued to delight fans with its unique brand of over-the-top Nazi killing. Despite adopting a more sombre tone, recent Wolfenstein games retain much of their original retro shooter feel. This includes filling the screen with tons of German baddies, arming you with powerful weapons, and piling on plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor. In short, games like Wolfenstein are still a gaming staple when it comes to good ol’ fashioned cathartic release.

Keen on more FPS games like Wolfenstein? Here’s our list of a few more bombastic shooters that’ll whet your appetite for death and destruction!

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Note: We know there’s lots of guitar-playing Wolfenstein fans around. You might want to check out this if you have the time!

List of Games Like Wolfenstein

1. Shadow Warrior 2

Games like Wolfenstein Shadow Warrior 2

Wang, bam, thank you m’am! Out for PC, the PS4, and Xbox One, Shadow Warrior 2 is without a doubt one of the best over-the-top games like Wolfenstein available. Chief protagonist Wang’s low-brow humour is eye-rolling in all the right ways. Plus, you’ll get to deliver brutal kills with not just guns but also more than 70 different kinds of melee-attack swords. Blood-thirsty demons swarm your screen at almost every corner, testing your twitch reflexes from start to finish. In addition, Shadow Warrior 2 is well-optimized to run on most PCs, with little to no lag. This is one game not to be missed by any Wolfenstein fan!


2. Doom

Games like Wolfenstein Doom

2016’s was a perfect return to form for the granddaddy of all FPS games. Available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, this latest installment  hits the ground running, throwing nasty demons your way from the get-go. The storyline is minimal, at best. However, you’ll be too busy bringing on the bloodbath with your arsenal of guns to care. As with most games like Wolfenstein, movement in Doom is quick and relentless. The game also introduces a new character upgrade system that’ll help you turn the tide against your hellish foes. In addition, an awesomely revamped VR version has also been released.


3. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

Games like Wolfenstein Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

In Bulletstorm, you step into the battle boots of Grayson Hunt, a one-man killing machine. You’ll then battle your way through an army of mutants, executing the most creative kills imaginable. The game also equips you with a wide variety of over-the-top weapons, all designed to inflict maximum pain. In addition, Bulletstorm uses a scoring-based system that rewards you for stringing together your murders with style. The dialogue is of course crass in a cheesy but funny way. All in all, Bulletstorm is undoubtedly one of the best FPS games like Wolfenstein ever made – despite its lukewarm sales.

4. Hard Reset Redux

Games like Wolfenstein Hard Reset Redux

Hard Reset Redux plays like most over-the-top games like Wolfenstein, injected with cyberpunk mania. The game is packed with non-stop action, coupled with great particle effects, lighting, and sound. The enemies are also incredibly zany, ranging from killer robot creatures to cyborg zombies. The story here is serviceable, if not a little confusing. Moreover, the dialogue is cringe-worthy, triggering the appropriate LOLs. Ultimately, the main emphasis is the fast-paced FPS action, which Hard Reset Redux delivers in spades. Overall, this game will most definitely appease most Wolfenstein fans keen on letting off some steam.

5. Serious Sam 3: BFE

Games like Wolfenstein Serious Sam BFE

A prequel to the originals, Serious Sam 3: BFE embraces its ridiculous premise… and then some. Similar to most games like Wolfenstein, this release is a wonderous throwback to one-man-hero retro first-person shooting. Every stage is a never-ending onslaught of outrageous baddies, including Headless Kamikazes and giant Khnums. You’ll also be armed to the teeth with assault rifles, rocket launchers, flaming cannonballs, and more. Admittedly, Serious Sam 3: BFE is a little repetitive. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more satisfying blast-from-the-past than this machismo-oozing classic. A must-play!


6. Killing Floor 2

Games like Wolfenstein Killing Floor 2

Gore, gore, and more gore! Killing Floor 2 feeds you a generous supply of zombie-like enemies (i.e. zeds) to splatter all over the place with kick-ass weapons and primal brutality. Unlike most FPS games like Wolfenstein, the game is primarily co-op multiplayer. Thus, you’ll mostly have to work together with your team to face off against increasingly tough hordes. Killing baddies rewards you with in-game currency. You can then use these to purchase new weapons, ammo, and upgrades. The action is rapid, with only short reprives given between rounds. In short, Killing Floor 2 perfectly blends coordinated teamwork with FPS carnage. Definitely worth the entry price!


7. Singularity

Games like Wolfenstein Singularity

Made by the same team that brought you 2009’s Wolfenstein, Singularity is all sorts of kooky. As you’d expect, the storyline is an over-the-top mashup of sci fi and fictional history. Along with your usual slew of weapons, Singularity gives you a unique time-bending gadget (i.e. Time Manipulation Device) that lets you artificially age enemies and objects, turning them to dust. You’ll also shift between 1950s Russia and modern day settings, all the while keeping your finger on the trigger. Graphically, the game is average, at best. However, all in all, this release stands strong among the best FPS games like Wolfenstein, even with its minor bugs.

8. Dead Effect 2

Games like Wolfenstein Dead Effect 2

In Dead Effect 2, traditional FPS elements merge together with basic RPG skill-trees. You get to pick from 100+ different weapons, 300+ items and character implants, 30+ special abilities, and more. The key angle here is customization. Similar to most games like Wolfenstein, this game is packed with tacky one-liners and armies of baddies to kill – hallmarks of any retro-style FPS. You’ll nab the most fun with co-op mode, which offers a good dose of additional challenge. All in all, Dead Effect 2 isn’t the most polished game like Wolfenstein around. Nonetheless, for its low price, it easily delivers on its promise for campy fun.

9. Rise of the Triad [Reboot]

Games like Wolfenstein Rise of the Triad

This reboot of the original Rise of the Triad is bigger, better, and more ridiculous than ever. After picking your unique character, you’ll blast through 20 levels of enemy-filled mayhem, armed with guns, missile launchers, and the mighty Excalibat. While the graphics are unremarkable, Rise of the Triad does offer you the chance to gun down hundreds upon hundreds of enemies. Movement is fast-paced, with levels optimised for bunny-hopping, dashing, and on-the-go killing. Similar to most Wolfenstein-like games, the dialogue in ROTT brims with cheese and misplaced gusto. In sum, if you enjoyed the original, do yourself a favour and nab this rebirth!

10. Painkiller: Hell & Damnation

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation cobbles together a loose story about eternal damnation while firing up your desire for non-stop killing. Heavy metal music drives you forward as you butcher thousands of demons with your array of powerful weapons. You’ll leap, strife, and headshot your way across 15 adrenaline-fuelled levels, taking on more than 30 types of hellish fiends. The voice-acting is intentionally bad, in a good way. The game’s graphics have not aged all too well. However, the over-the-top action will surely appease anyone keen on FPS games like Wolfenstein.


Know of any more zany OTT FPS games like Wolfenstein? Share your suggestions below and we’ll add them to this ever-growing list!

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