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Grow the beautiful farm of your dreams with these Stardew Valley-like games!

Farming Simulation Games Like Stardew Valley

6. Castaway Paradise

Farming Simulation Games Like Stardew Valley Castaway Paradise

Similar to most games like Stardew Valley, you begin Castaway Paradise amidst a large sandbox world. You’ll then spend most of your time raking soil, planting seeds, and raising your very own farm from scratch.  Other fun activities include fishing, catching bugs, and completing NPC side-quests. Moreover, the game is packed with tons of customizable outfits to spruce up the look of your cartoony characters. Castaway Paradise will also bring out the retail lover in you with its simple but functional trading system for buying / selling goods with gems.

Admittedly, Castaway Paradise is a little closer to Animal Crossing than Stardew Valley. Nonetheless, fans of the latter will still thoroughly enjoy the game’s addictive gameplay, colorful aesthetics, and rewarding sense of accomplishment from putting in long hours of hard work under the sun.

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7. Farm For Your Life

Farming Simulation Games Like Stardew Valley Farm For Your Life

Akin to other games like Stardew Valley, you’ll spend your days in Farm For Your Life cultivating different crops and raising animals. Yet, what makes this game truly unique is its hybrid blend of farming simulation and tower defense. In terms of TD, you’ll pick from a range of different tower types as you try to protect your land from attacking zombies that creep out at night. During the day, you’ll manage your very own restaurant, serving delicious dishes while bartering for items you need to further expand your farm.

Compared to Stardew Valley, Farm For Your Life’s main story is a little less compelling, veering towards being repetitive. However, the game’s many fun farming-related activities will still keep you addicted for hours on end. The low price-point makes everything all the more appealing.

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8. World’s Dawn

Farming Simulation Games Like Stardew Valley World's Dawn

Just like Stardew Valley, World’s Dawn is directly inspired by the Harvest Moon series. Set within a quiet seaside village, the game showcases the same top-down perspective with tons of cute cartoonish characters. As expected, you’ll be harvesting crops, tending to livestock, and expanding your farm with new equipment and stocks. You’ll also be building friendships with a wide cast of quirky characters, some of whom you might even fall in love with. Other addictive tasks include mining, fishing, competing in prize festivals, playing with magic, and so on.

However, be warned: World’s Dawn focuses a lot on its NPC-relationship mechanics. As such, a little less time is devoted to its farming elements. Regardless, World’s Dawn still fits in well with most other games like Stardew Valley on this list.

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9. Farmerama 

Farming Simulation Games Like Stardew Valley Farmerama

Farmerama has many of the same farming simulation mechanics as Stardew Valley. However, the game has a significantly greater social dimension to it. As one of millions of registered users, you’ll get to trade lots of farming goods with other players, with the choice to add them as your Neighbors. You can then help to clear each other’s lands, exchange experience points, and give plenty of fun gifts. Similar to most games like Stardew Valley, a lot of your own farming time will be devoted to raising crops and animals as you work to expand your land. also features bright and cartoony aesthetics, albeit from an isometric rather than top-down perspective.

The game does lack Stardew Valley’s freedom of exploration, sticking instead to more limited farming spaces. Overall, Farmerama is an easy-to-pick-up title that’ll definitely appeal to most farming simulation enthusiasts looking for the basics.

Play Farmerama online.


10. Township

Farming Simulation Games Like Stardew Valley Township

Township blends with farming simulation. Akin to other games like Stardew Valley, you begin in a small town where you’ll start to harvest crops, improve on your farming equipment, and sell goods for profit. The game also showcases extensive social features, letting you connect with other online players who can help accelerate your town’s growth. Compared to Stardew Valley, the view in Township is isometric with graphics inspired by SimCity.

RPG-ish adventuring isn’t a feature in this game. Still, you’ll find yourself sinking countless hours into Township as you slowly but surely build an impressive farming town to call your own. The developers are also regularly releasing fresh content with tons of new crops, facilities, and buildings types. This is a solid time-sinker for any Stardew Valley fan!

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Honorable Mentions (Other games like Stardew Valley – not necessarily farming simulator games)

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale


Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise


Funky Barn


Farmville series






Hay Day


Did we miss any farming simulation games like Stardew Valley? Leave your suggestions below and we’ll add them in!


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