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Games like Wolfenstein 2

Released in 1992, Wolfenstein 3D is most known for ushering in the era of mainstream FPSs. Since then, the franchise has continued to delight fans with its unique brand of over-the-top Nazi killing. Despite adopting a more sombre tone, recent Wolfens...[Read More]

Games Like Subnautica

Games like Subnautica are all about open-world survival exploration. The basic premise is simple, even as the game offers a sizeable challenge. You begin your journey crash-landing on an alien planet, sinking into the depths of an ocean filled with u...[Read More]

Best Run and Gun Games Like Cuphead

The best run and gun games like Cuphead strike a perfect balance of fair but challenging 2D shooting. Created by StudioMDHR, this critically loved indie release is a true stylistic homage to 1930s cartoons in both sound and animation design. The prem...[Read More]