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Scratch your block-puzzling itch with these challenging Tetris-like games!

Block Puzzle Games Like Tetris Games Similar To Tetris

6. Lumines

Block Puzzle Games Like Tetris Lumines

Why It’s Similar: This puzzle game is based on blocks that automatically drop in a similar fashion to most games like Tetris. Like Tetris, you’ll manipulate blocks into the right position, fitting them in to remove lines from the board.

Why It’s Unique: While the basic block idea of Lumines is very similar, this is actually a rather different game from Tetris. Sound and light patterns play a significant role in how you place your blocks. Matching them by color will give you extra points, and once the background music reaches a certain point, blocks of a particular color will be removed. 

Overall: Unlike most other games like Tetris, Lumines integrates music as a key aspect of puzzle solving, which makes it rather distinct. It retains key mechanics of Tetris while also takes strides to be truly innovative.

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7. Mini Meteors

Block Puzzle Games Like Tetris Mini Meteors

Why it’s Similar: Just like other games like Tetris, the blocks in Mini Meteors drop down from the top of the screen, requiring you to quickly rotate the blocks and move them into position to clear them. It’s game over if the blocks reach the top of the screen.

Why It’s Unique: You only need to match three blocks in a row, and the blocks don’t just vanish, they fly upwards off the screen and take the other blocks in the same column along with them. However, sometimes there are too many blocks, and you’ll need to quickly match more sequences to give the rockets enough power boost to blast off all of the blocks.

Overall: Games like Tetris usually have the matched blocks automatically disappear from the screen. However, Mini Meteors’ entire column goes flying off the screen! As a result, the game requires additionally quick reflexes to make sure the blocks don’t come crashing back down. This unique mechanic retains a core Tetris-feel while offering something fresh for block puzzle fans.

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8. Doctor Eggman’s Mean Bean Machine / Puyo Puyo

Block Puzzle Games Like Tetris Doctor Eggman's Mean Bean Machine Puyo Puyo

Why It’s Similar: It fits into the falling block puzzle genre well. Again, you basically need to match falling ‘beans’ (i.e. blocks) to remove them from the board. If a column reaches the top, it’s game over.

Why It’s Unique: Unlike other games like Tetris on this list, this title is exclusively multiplayer. So you’ll always be competing against an AI or another player at any given time. Clearing a huge number of beans causes ‘refugee beans’ to suddenly appear on the other player’s field, tripping up their row-clearing efforts and ensuring constant back-and-forth battles.

Overall: Doctor Eggman’s Mean Bean Machine / Puyo Puyo follows the original Tetris mechanic – but with a competitive multiplayer twist (which was actually incorporated into more recent Tetris installments).

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9. 1010 Block Puzzle Mania

Block Puzzle Games Like Tetris Block Puzzle Mania

Why It’s Similar: Like Tetris, 1010 Block Puzzle Mania’s main puzzle involves…. (wait for it!) blocks set on a board. You basically manipulate their orientation and maneuver them to fit into various slots.

Why It’s Unique: The blocks don’t fall down the board. Instead, the aim of 1010 Block Puzzle Mania is to manually find a place for each block to complete the board in its entirety. Not having enough space will cause a game over. This mechanic is very different from most other games like Tetris, encouraging a different kind of reflexive creativity.

Overall: The blocks in 1010 Block Puzzle Mania may look Tetris-like, but this game’s core puzzle is quite different. It takes the traditional block-puzzle genre and molds it into something quite refreshing.

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10. Bejeweled Blitz

Block Puzzle Games Like Tetris Bejewelled 2

Why It’s Similar: Bejeweled is a tile-matching game that takes some influence from Tetris. You must match groups of gems (i.e. basically blocks) by switching them to color-match each other, thus clearing them. Like Tetris, bonus points are earned by clearing multiple combos at once.

Why It’s Unique: Bejeweled Blitz is more about pairing matching gems instead of clearing entire lines of blocks. It is also based on how many moves are left, requiring you to make as many matches as possible within the set limit. 

Overall: Bejeweled Blitz‘s puzzling feels a little bit less stressful compared to the bullet pace of some other games like Tetris. It’s a fairly big step away from Tetris though still retains some of the core block puzzling mechanics.

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Honorable Mentions (A few more games like Tetris with a twist)

Kombat Puzzle : Mini-game in Mortal Kombat: Deception



99 Bricks Wizard Academy Pac-Attack


Know of more block puzzle games like Tetris? Share your suggestions in the comments section below and I’ll add them to this list!

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  1. johannes.beutel@gmail.com'

    Here is another block puzzle game. It’s called Block Builder and it is like Tetris, except that there are no walls and the blocks do not fall from above, but from all sides. However the biggest difference is that the goal are not complete rows but a gapless square with the side length of at least 4 stones. Prove your strategic skills and make everything fit.
    Check it out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fessios.blockbuilder

    • Thanks so much for your suggestion! Appreciate it! We’ll be sure to add it into the list. We haven’t heard of this game before but the idea sounds very refreshing yet still Tetris-like!

  2. monkeyboyinc@gmail.com'

    No Spaera on the list, yet a shameless clone of Meteos is promoted instead of the original Meteos? For shame.

    Well, at least Pac-Attack gets the honourable mention it deserves.

    • Thanks for pointing that out! We’ll include Spaera into the list! Appreciate your keen eye!

  3. admin@gamesunday.com'

    Excellent post. I just got to know that there are actually Tetris worldwide championship. It’s a Finnish guy who wont it last year I think. He plays like 8 hours every single day to practise.


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