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Immerse yourself in these environmentally-rich games similar to Fullbright's cult classic release!

Games like Gone Home Similar Games

17. The Park

You play Lorraine, a mother who goes into an eerie amusement park at night in search of her missing son. While later sections of the game do drag a little, The Park does an admirable job with creating a foreboding atmosphere filled with disturbing imagery. The best experience can be had from taking your time to read the snippets of info found throughout the park. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into horror-themed walking simulators.

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18. The Beginner’s Guide

Made by the same man who brought you The Stanley Parable, The Beginner’s Guide is a quirky walking simulator game about… games. The meta-narrative sends you on a symbolic journey into the mind of a videogame creator, exploring issues on human ethics, well-being, and more. The Beginner’s Guide is most suited to creative types keen on pondering the meaningful relation between a creator and his / her creations.

You may also want to check out the free Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist – a quick funny 15-minute ‘walking simulator’ yet again made by the same person.

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19. Journey

Unlike most walking simulator games like Gone Home, Journey adopts a trailing camera perspective that helps to capture the vast desert landscapes that make up the world. The title of this game is especially apt, since much of the enjoyment to be reaped comes from taking your time to soak in your gorgeous surroundings as you journey towards a distant mountain peak. The story here is intentionally vague, told primarily through symbolic suggestions. Overall, Journey is best suited for those looking to sit back and enjoy a relaxing, almost therapeutic, gameplay experience. Also, if you’re a fan, be sure to check out ABZU and Flower – two titles with similar appeal.

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20. Essence

You wake up in a strange world, unsure of where you are. You’ll then spend your time searching for clues scattered across bedazzling environments and shifting landscapes, slowly figuring out where you are and why. As of the time of this writing, Essence is still in early development. However, the game has already received largely positive reviews from gamers who praise it for its atmospheric storytelling and immersive visuals.

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21. Kona

Kona combines tropes of the ‘walking simulator’ subgenre with basic survival game elements to create something truly unique. The plot centers on you – a detective – caught in the middle of a harsh blizzard as you try to solve mysterious events that have befallen an eerie village of Atamipek Lake. Many have praised Kona for its believable snowstorm depictions and fantastic voice-acting – even as the narrative does lose a little steam near the end.

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22. Homesick

The best walking simulator games like Gone Home are all about atmosphere and effective storytelling – which Homesick delivers in spades. You find yourself in an abandoned building, encountering puzzles and clues that reveal an intriguing backstory and your overarching purpose. Homesick ops for a minimalist color palette and also features a soothing musical soundtrack that helps to enhance your emotional immersion.

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23. Jazzpunk

Jazzpunk is as whacky as it gets when it comes to walking simulators. You play as Polyblank who receives an assortment of nonsensical espionage tasks to complete. The game brims with oddball gadgets, strange characters, and tons of funny moments that pay homage to yesteryear comedies and cartoons. Overall, Jazzpunk is most definitely one of the most unique and stylistic walking simulator games ever released.

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24. Leaving Lyndow

Leaving Lyndow thrives on nurturing feelings of nostalgia. You play as Clara, a scientist who is spending her last day on the island she calls home. Throughout the game, you’ll talk to people, examine documents, and investigate items as Clara sentimentally reflects on her life – and the future that awaits her. Leaving Lyndow is ideal for those keen on low-key walking simulators that encourage you to soak in your surroundings at a leisurely pace.

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25. The Old City: Leviathan

Set in a rundown city, The Old City sees you assume the role of a sewer dweller as he contemplates his environment and the troubled life he has known. Like Dear Esther, this is a highly experimental game that uses a lot of spoken word to trigger a sense of isolation and desolation. Interactive elements are kept minimal, inviting players to instead look inwards without distraction.

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Honourable Mentions:

The Path




Lifeless Planet






Did we miss any best walking simulator games like Gone Home? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll add your suggestions to the list!

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