Best Gaming Headsets: Sound BlasterX H5 Review

Comfortable, lightweight, and big in sound delivery, the Sound BlasterX H5 stands tall among the best gaming headsets available today.

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The Sound BlasterX H5 is, without a doubt, one of the best gaming headsets we’ve had the pleasure of testing. It basically has everything right going for it: fair pricing (you won’t break the bank with this one) coupled with a crisp well-balanced sound, solid craftsmanship, and smart design. Perhaps most important of all, this gaming headset is exceedingly comfortable to wear for hours on end (i.e. no clamped ears!). Without further ado, here’s our detailed Sound BlasterX H5 review.

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Well-Targeted Pricing: Maximum Bang For Your Buck!

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There’s a vast price range when it comes to buying the best gaming headsets. Some, like the Sennheiser GAME ZERO or ASTRO Gaming A40 TR, are pretty costly whilst others, such as the Jeecoo Stereo PC Gaming Headset are much cheaper. The Sound BlasterX H5 sits comfortably in the middle of this fairly broad price spectrum. Priced at a very reasonable $99.99 USD ($189 SGD at the official Creative shop), this gaming headset is easily affordable for most casual and hardcore gamers alike.

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Above all else, the Sound BlasterX H5 is incredible value-for-money.  We’ll go into more detail in the sections below. In summary, though, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better pricing when it comes to the best gaming headsets in the market today. For starters, the sound quality this gaming headset produces is phenomenal, easily rivalling – and at times, trumping – far more expensive headsets from other (overpriced) manufacturers. The Sound BlasterX H5 is also expertly made, being both sturdy and stunningly lightweight.

All in all, the Sound BlasterX H5 stands far above its competitors when it comes to solid consumer pricing.


Sound Quality: Loud, Crisp, and Balanced

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We tested the Sound BlasterX H5 in both everyday music listening and extensive gaming. For music, we simply plugged the Sound BlasterX H5 into our iPhone, playing back about a dozen or so songs via Spotify (with audio quality set on High). The good news? The Sound BlasterX H5 easily produces some of the best – and most balanced – ‘wow’ worthy audio experiences across most types of music genres. It beautifully captures both subtle aural nuances (e.g. the intricate strings of Beethoven’s ‘Symphony No. 5’) and heart-thumping sonic walls of sound (e.g. Bullet for My Valentine’s ‘No Way Out’). The headset also comes with a small attachable audio controller that’s fully functioning and non-obtrusive. Overall, the Sound BlasterX H5 provides for rich and versatile music listening, with an audio volume that can be pushed to the limits without any noticeable crackles, distortions, or drop-outs. 

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The same crystal-clear audio was experienced throughout all our gaming sessions. We easily heard every resonating weapon clank and epic war cry during our two-hour online stint with League of Legends. Other games like Call of Duty, The Witcher 3, and Starcraft 2 sounded equally fantastic, with all character voice-overs and atmospheric sounds coming through loud and clear. Most impressive of all, Creative’s add-on PC software allows you to manually tweak the output of your Sound BlasterX H5 gaming headset. This is bound to please audiophiles keen on fine-tuning their sounds for particular games, movies, and music.

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The Sound BlasterX H5 also comes with a simple-to-attach adjustable microphone perfect for gaming community interactions and intense online matchups. In-built noise-reduction means your gaming friends will be able to easily hear you at all times, even when you’re amidst bustling outdoor environments. The microphone is also modestly sized and rests far away enough from your face to never be an annoyance.

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Overall, our Sound BlasterX H5 review sees this product as delivering impressive sound quality truly comparable to – and in some cases, surpassing – many of the best gaming headsets out there.


Design: Sturdy, Lightweight, Comfortable, and Stylishly Practical

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Many gaming headsets are notorious for being too heavy and bogged down with unnecessarily clunky design. Not so with the Sound BlasterX H5. This headset is remarkably lightweight, making it easy for you to carry it around with little hassle. It’s also made from highly durable steel and aluminum that can easily withstand rigorous knocks and bending. The suitably lengthy wire is also padded with additional fabric, giving extra protection from accidental yanks.

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The Sound BlasterX H5 is also very comfortable to wear for hours on end. Many other gaming headsets we’ve tested in the past usually gave us ‘clamped ears’ after a period of time. Such is not the case with the Sound BlasterX H5 where we were able to enjoy our gaming experiences for upwards of 3 hours – all without any discomfort or pain. Much of this is thanks to the aforementioned lightweight built and flexibility of the headset crafted with long-hours gamers in mind. All in all, the Sound BlasterX H5 is guaranteed to provide snug yet comfortable audio listening experiences, even for those with (literally) big heads like ours!

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Some gaming headsets try too hard to look ‘futuristic’ or ‘sci-fi’ (e.g.  unnecessarily aesthetic bells and whistles). We find such products to be more gawky than cool. Thankfully, the designers of the Sound BlasterX H5 made the smart decision to keep things minimalistic. The crown band and muffs of the headset are full black, and are accompanied with muted silver holders and two small red ‘Sound BlasterX’ logos printed on both sides. The overall design of this gaming headset succeeds at looking very sleek and sophisticated – meaning you’ll never be too embarrassed to whip this stylish beauty out in public.

In summary, the Sound BlasterX H5 easily shines amongst the best gaming headsets for its high durability, comfort, and intelligent design choices.


Conclusion: Sound BlasterX H5 Review – A Standout Among The Best Gaming Headsets

The Sound BlasterX H5 is a work of technical wizardry and design that has few rivals. It delivers high-quality audio on all fronts, combining this with well-thought out mechanical and physical engineering. Excellent pricing also means most gamers will find this value-for-money product to be well worth their financial investment. Overall, the Sound BlasterX H5 is undoubtedly one of the best gaming headsets we’ve had the pleasure of testing.

Alfie is Editor-in-Chief of Games Like Zone and has been an avid gamer since the age of 6. His also enjoys reading comics, B-grade horror movies, and travelling to obscure places in the world.

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