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Terrify yourself with these lesser-known found footage gems!

Best Found Footage Horror Movies Like Blair Witch

11. The Taking of Deborah Logan

Creepy old ladies and found footage horror go together like Pennywise with kids. The Taking of Deborah Logan features a stellar performance from Jill Larson who plays an old lady who, on the surface, suffers only from Alzheimer’s Disease. However, the filming crew soon learn that there is something far more supernatural and sinister at work. Excellent editing and a strong script make this one of the best found footage horror films around.

Watch The Taking of Deborah Logan online.

Another effective “wow woman, you give me the creeps” found footage movie is The Atticus Institute. Check it out!


12. As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below is Tomb Raider meets found footage – with tons of gruesome horror thrown in. The movie follows alchemist Scarlett and her crew down into a claustrophobic catacomb in search of the elusive Philosopher’s Stone – a mythical substance thought to grant eternal life. However, it isn’t long before bizarre horrors take hold as the team venture deeper and deeper into the terrifying unknown.

Watch As Above, So Below online.

Speaking of claustrophobic, you’ll also want to give The Tunnel a try – a found footage film that follows a team of journalists investigating a mysterious network of abandoned train tunnels that hide a harrowing secret.


13. The Houses October Built

A group of friends set out to document the scariest horror house attractions across the country. However, it isn’t long before they come across a group of extreme haunters known as the ‘Blue Skeletons’. Soon, what starts out as fun and games turns into a waking nightmare as each heightening scare erodes the line between fiction and dangerous reality. A solid entry into our list of best found footage horror movies.

Watch The Houses October Built online.

Of course, you’ll want to watch the original first before catching the sequel.

Your horror-house found footage binge is also not complete without Hell House LLC. In our opinion, this movie trumps The Houses October Built 2 by a good degree for its extremely intense escape scenes. Do not miss this one!


14. The Den

Forget Friend Request and Unfriended. The Den is a found footage horror movie that explores the dangers of chatting with random strangers on the Internet. Following the online conversations of Elizabeth, what starts out as harmless random chats soon turns into real-life horror when she discovers she is being hacked and stalked by unknown – and dangerous – terrorisers.

Watch The Den online.


15. Apollo 18

Not our favourite on this list – but hey, we figured we should at least include a decent space-themed found footage horror movie. Apollo 18 is a slow-burn affair that follows a team of astronauts on the moon. Aptly nicknamed ‘The Blair Moon Project’ by some fans, the lunar explorers quickly learn that they are not actually alone as weird events start to happen. This is a movie worth looking into for its unique thematic take on the subgenre.

Watch Apollo 18 online.

Another solid moon-themed found footage film is Lunopolis – a flick that enjoys a very strong cult following. It’s a little more conspiracy-themed than outright horror, but is most definitely deserving of your time.

Oh, and don’t forget Europa Report – a lesser-known space found footage film that invites for some comparisons with Apollo 18. Personally, we prefer Europa for its stronger cast of characters and script.


16. Home Movie

Home Movie is a prime example of found footage done right on a low-budget. The film documents the Poe family’s slow descent into darkness through a series of home videos. Each scene piles on the fear as we watch the parents grapple with their increasingly psychotic twin children. The acting here is great, with a pacing that is effectively slow to build an increasing sense of unease and dread.

Watch Home Movie.

Keen on another found footage film about domestic psychosis? Try Exhibit A – a vastly underrated British film that documents the downward spiral of a family gone wrong. A deserving entry into our list of best found footage horror movies.


17. Noroi: The Curse

Fans of J-horror and found footage will most surely want to catch Noroi. The movie focuses on Masafumi Kobayashi, a paranormal investigator who has mysteriously disappeared amidst making his magnum opus documentary. Filled with creepy Japanese horror imagery, Noroi is one of the best found footage horror movies of its kind, getting under your skin as it builds towards its climatic and horrifying finale. Not to be missed, even if it drags a little in places.

Watch Noroi: The Curse online.


18. Devil’s Pass

Think Until Dawn, found footage style. This movie sees a group of friends trying to unravel the secrets behind the mysterious disappearance of nine skiers. The film starts out with your usual build-up – footprints in the snow, weird noises in the night, etc. However, things ramp up considerably when the group find themselves facing off against a horde of terrifying monsters. The CGI is a bit shoddy in places, but overall, Devil’s Pass is a well put-together film worth your time.

Watch Devil’s Pass online.


19. The Last Exorcism 

The Last Exorcism is your usual possession story, told through a found footage perspective. The story follows a disillusioned evangelist as he investigates the supposed possession of Nell. The plot twists and turns as you wonder if demonic powers really are at work – or if it’s simply a case of a disturbed girl crying for attention. Here, the found footage format truly helps to add a lot of fresh visceral intensity to what is otherwise an overdone theme. Fans of this original film may want to check out the surprisingly competent sequel – even if it abandons the found footage genre for a more traditional cinematic style.

Watch The Last Exorcism online.


20. Atrocious

This Spanish movie tells the tale of two siblings who enter a secluded forest to investigate the disappearance of Melinda, a girl who went missing decades ago. A series of increasingly terrifying and unexplainable events start to happen, with the brother and sister soon finding themselves in a fight for their lives. While the premise of the film isn’t all too original, the execution is largely well-done.

Watch Atrocious.


Here are a few other special mentions:

Watch JeruZalem. Warning: The lead actress is kinda annoying – although the movie’s main premise is pretty intriguing.


Watch Lake Mungo – an Australian-made found footage film that’ll unnerve you in all the right ways.


Watch Diary of the Dead – not the best Romero zombie film, but still worth a watch for its found footage format.


Watch Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon – an innovative take on the serial killer and found footage subgenres, rolled into one.


Watch Digging Up The Marrow – do monsters really exist? Watch this underrated found footage gem and find out!


Did we miss any of your favourite found footage horror films? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll add them into this ever-growing list!

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