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Movies similar to The Room that are so hilariously inept, they're great!

Cult Classic Bad Movies Like The Room

6. Samurai Cop

Bad Movies Like The Room | Samurai Cop

Brian Lindsey lauds Samurai Cop as “the most god-awful example of bungled, inept action filmmaking” – and it shows. For starters, lead actor Matt Hannon originally shot the film with long hair, but quickly cut his hair short after filming wrapped. However, the director soon called him back for extensive re-shoots. To solve the missing hair issue, he made Hannon wear what clearly looks like a bargain-bin wig – which is seen in most of the film. Also akin to most bad movies like The Room, the acting here is accidentally appalling. Actors visibly mess up their lines, even in the final version of the film! The dialogue is moreover as absurd as it gets. Seriously, watch the video above for just one of many head-scratching scenes of misconstrued wit. In short, Samurai Cop stands easily among other bad movies like The Room for the inadvertent hilarity it provides. A must-watch!


7. Troll 2

Bad Movies Like The Room | Troll 2

Our list of bad movies like The Room would not be complete without this terrible classic. The makers of Troll 2 were surely trolling when they decided to name their masterpiece after Troll – despite having no direct affiliation with the original whatsoever (i.e. admittedly, a clever marketing gimmick). Billed as a horror comedy, this film has amassed a sizable cult following over the years, and is often hailed as one of the best bad movies ever made. You’ll find the dialogue to be cringe-worthy through and through, delivered with acting chops that make Tommy look (almost) Oscar-worthy. Funnily enough, the child actor of the film (Michael Stephenson) went on to make a documentary on Troll 2 which enjoyed far more critical praise than the film that inspired it.


8. Zyzzyx Road

Bad Movies Like The Room | Zyzzyx Road

We admit Zyzzyx Road isn’t quite as accidentally hilarious as most other bad movies like The Room. Still, we couldn’t resist including  (losing out to even Tommy’s classic)! Upon release, Zyzzyx Road garnered a mere $30 in box office sales – with one disappointed customer asking for a refund. Story-wise, the movie follows the misadventures of an accountant who goes on a wild trip to Las Vegas. He soon meets a seductress and, after some serenely awkward ‘sexy’ dialogue, finds himself hunted by her jealous ex-boyfriend. This bonafide flop is the brainchild of triple-threat writer / director / producer John Penney who, like Tommy, does a sad job at all three roles. Thus, you can expect plenty of cheesy one-liners, oddball editing, and questionable post-production work (i.e. a pleasure for any Roomie).


9. Moron Movies

Bad Movies Like The Room | Moron Movies

Much like Tommy Wiseau, Len Cella – the creator of Moron Movies – spent many years jaded from his lack of any major life success. That’s when Cella, similar to Wiseau, decided to take things into his own hands by making his very own movie. Thus, Moron Movies was born. Released in 1983, this bizarre film comprises a surreal assortment of fifteen-to-sixty second comedic shorts with zero overarching narrative. Instead, what we have is an incoherent mix of scatter-brained humor delivered by Cella himself. Skits come with the most out-of-nowhere titles, including ‘The Shy Bra Salesman’, ‘Bob the Magician’, ‘Man with Thumb Stuck in Bowling Ball’, and so on – all stitched together with the same chaotic charm of most bad movies like The Room. You’ll find yourself laughing – perhaps not the way Cella intended, but enjoying the bizarre randomness nonetheless. A shoo-in to our list!


10. Miami Connection

Bad Movies Like The Room | Miami Connection

Finally, a film that addresses the rampant ninja problem in Miami (oh, you didn’t know?). Miami Connection is a story about an 80s synth band made up of taekwondo students. They soon cross paths with another rival band… made up of ninjas (because all ninjas do music on the side). Totally legit plot. Seriously, though, the movie actually features some really catchy cheese-music that’ll have you humming along in no time. As you’d expect, the acting is a disaster, but charmingly so thanks to the earnest (albeit misguided) deliveries of the film’s amateur cast. On the plus side, many fight sequences are surprisingly competent. A number of scenes are also genuinely funny (coupled with accidentally hilarious moments). In short, as with other bad movies like The Room, Miami Connection’s so-bad-it’s-good X-factor endears you with its irreplaceable genius. Think Kung Fury, but better! Entertainment in its purest form.


Honorable Mentions (more really bad movies like The Room that are absolutely brilliant!)

Bad Movies Like The Room | Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Hard Ticket to Hawaii : Check out this awful Frisbee scene. No, for reals, watch it. Then see this ‘skateboard assassin’. No need to thank us.


Bad Movies Like The Room | Plan 9 From Outer Space

Plan 9 from Outer Space : What’s Plan 10? Because Plan 9 sucks… in a good way?


Bad Movies Like The Room | Personal Vendetta

Personal Vendetta | Former wrestler turned terrible actress. The god-awful prison scene is the power-slam of bad cinema.


Bad Movies Like The Room | AX'EM

AX’EM : Like most bad movies like The Room, the post-production here is a disaster. There’s even an accidentally repeated scene that somehow slipped past QC. Also, best kill scene ever… not. Audio balance levels are moreover hilariously inept.


We know there are tons more bad movies like The Room not mentioned here. So, leave your suggestions in the comments section below (not in your pockets) and we’ll include them on this list!



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