10 Wonderfully Bad Movies Like The Room [So-Bad-They’re-Good Cult Classics]

Movies similar to The Room that are so hilariously inept, they're great!

Cult Classic Bad Movies Like The Room

Cult classic bad movies like The Room are just so atrocious, they’re sheer (accidental) genius! Tommy Wiseau is the King of Descended Alien Filmmakers. He can’t act, he can’t produce, and he most certainly can’t direct. But, by God, Mr. Wiseau has somehow put together a timeless train-wreck of a movie that, against all odds, has remained in theaters far longer than most so-called ‘better’ films. The Room is rife with ridiculous one-liners – so many we can barely ‘keep our stupid comments in our pockets”. This so-bad-it’s-good film aches with misguided sincerity, meandering aimlessly between a bizarre love triangle, a quickly forgotten breast cancer scare, and tossing footballs in tuxes. Oh, and through it all, we’ll never ever forget that Johnny did NAWT HIT LISA (he did not!).

With The Disaster Artist soon to be released, we thought it’s an apt time to put together a list of bad movies similar to The Room. In our opinion, none of these movies fully live up to Mr. Wiseau’s greatest misfired gift to mankind. Still, they come close. Some of them are intentionally bad, others are accidentally terrible. But all of them are worthy of any Roomie’s applause! Just remember: you can laugh, you can cry, but please don’t hurt yourselves watching them!

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1. For Y’Ur Height Only

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When it comes to reallllyyyy bad movies like The Room, For Y’Ur Height Only comes up a little short – literally. The movie’s premise can be summed as “a jet-pack flying midget spy goes on a violent spree to take out baddies – disco dancing along the way”. Sheer plot genius! Like The Room, the movie is filled with brilliant one-liners, such as “Sex is like tequila. Take one sip and you’re a goner”. The profundity astounds us. Top that off with disastrous English dubbing, abysmal fight scenes, and barely-coherent dialogue, and you have yourself one of the best bad movies like the Room ever. Don’t sell yourself short (ha!) – watch the full movie in the video above!


2. Birdemic: Shock and Terror

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You know you’re in for a real showstopper with a movie title like that. From the opening scene (a near five-minute cut of… slow moving cars on a road), Birdemic: Shock and Terror will certainly shock you with weird sound-editing (seriously, listen to the waitress’ voice) and terrible dialogue (e.g. “if you want to get into their pants, you’d better have a nice hot Ferrariiiii!”). Similar to most bad movies like The Room, the plot is crippled with broken logic. For instance, amid a killer birdemic, the characters suddenly decide to go on a happy picnic together, without a care in the world. Random jump cuts also slice through actors’ conversations with the subtlety of Jason Voorhees’ machete. Roll everything together and you have yourself a truly terrible movie that’ll definitely appeal to most Roomies! The full movie is available above for your viewing pleasure.


3. Sledgehammer

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We believe the above obscenely stupid scene is enough to tickle any Roomie’s fancy. This horror(ic) film sees seven young adults gather together to enjoy a crazy weekend up in the mountains. They drink, they party, and… get in food fights. Real hardcore rebellious stuff. But, alas, they soon discover the house they’ve rented holds a dark secret: this is the place where a child brutally murdered his own mother (who, incidentally, calls him a “bastard” for ‘interfering’ with her sex life). As with other bad movies like The Room, Sledgehammer’s consistent bad acting, terrible editing, and silly-beyond-measure plot will have you in fits of laughter. A true cinematic gem.


4. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

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Yup, yet another title that says it all. This wannabe horror film is about a demonically possessed bed that actually tries to eat people. A real sheety story if there ever was one (haha?). Similar to other bad movies like The Room, Death Bed features some of the worst acting you’ll ever see. In fact, we dare say the best actor in the entire film is the bed itself, which puts in a fine performance by coughing up deadly Satanic foams as it lures its victims in with its hellish telekinetic powers (seriously). Interestingly, Death Bed was originally made in 1977. However, it was only finally released in 2003, earning a sizable cult following soon after.


5. She Woke Up Pregnant

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It’s hard not to love the film’s absurd premise: a woman goes to a dentist, gets put under, and wakes up pregnant. Similar to most bad movies like The Room, She Woke Up Pregnant is a torture-house of poor acting, bumbling dialogue, and butchered film editing. Even better, the movie clocks in at almost three hours. No surprise, seeing as epic movies need epic run-times! Compared to The Room, She Woke up Pregnant has thus far failed to gather much of a cult following. However, we invite you to give this disastrous made-for-TV movie a try – if only to warn you about the dangers of your potentially sleazy dentist.

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