9 High-Octane 3rd Person Perspective Games Like Uncharted

Can't wait for Uncharted 4? Here's our list of 3rd person games like Uncharted that'll keep you happy... for now.

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted 3

The Uncharted series is a 3rd person perspective game best known for high-octane set-pieces, compelling storytelling and ancient tomb… raiding. Developer Naughty Dog is arguably the best when it comes to crafting interesting characters and pitting them against insurmountable odds. The game’s leading man, Nathan Drake, is a half-smiling, gun-toting, machismo-oozing bad-ass who will stop at nothing to get his hands on ancient treasure and eternal notoriety. The adventures are fast, fun, and absolutely thrilling. That being said, here are a few action-packed 3rd person games like Uncharted that’ll surely whet your (post-Uncharted 4) appetite!

Selection Criteria for Games Like Uncharted:

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted Tick 3rd Person Perspective
3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted Tick High Octane Action
3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted Tick Decent to Excellent Main Character Development and/or Storyline

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1 | Infamous 1, 2 & Second Son

The Infamous franchise gives you control over complicated anti-heroes who are able to wield various superpowers (i.e. electricity and fire). These games are much more open-ended than Drake’s adventures, giving you free-roam over the skyscraper populated city as you jump from objective to objective. However, the 3rd person action and riveting story make these games similar to Uncharted. You’ll be tasked with choosing branching paths as you make decisions based on being good, or being evil. Being evil is always more fun, right?

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted 11 Photo Source: pikabu.ru | Games Like Uncharted 

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2 | Tomb Raider & Rise of the Tomb Raider

Laura Croft is one of gaming’s most famous personalities. She now has two new-gen games under her belt, both of which are undeniably inspired by the Uncharted series. Developer Crystal Dynamics has been locked in a “anything you can do, I can do better” pissing contest with Naughty Dog for the past 5 years, attempting to take the Uncharted formula and make it even better. I’d say they’re succeeding. The new Tomb Raiders are 3rd person action games like Uncharted that’ll have you craving for more.

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted 1Photo Source: Power Up Gaming | Games Like Uncharted

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3 | Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil wasn’t always like Uncharted. The series’ first few entries were known for being slow, atmospheric drawls through zombie infested locals. Things took a turn for the sensational when Capcom released number 5 in 2009. The game relies on a more action-oriented approach with heavy guns, fast-paced battles and a very linear story. None of these are necessarily bad things, either. Capcom handled the transition masterfully, creating an experience that will appeal to fans of the Uncharted series for its intense 3rd person shooter action.

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted 4 Photo Source: vg247.com | Games Like Uncharted 

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4 | Red Dead Redemption

Troubled lead character? Check. Heart-stopping story? Check. Exotic setting? Double check. Red Dead Redemption puts you in the mind of world-on-his-shoulders cowboy Jon Marsten. What appears to be a straightforward tale of revenge transforms into something more complex, introducing players to a colorful cast of characters in the American Old West. The gunplay makes Red Dead Redemption one of a few 3rd person games like Uncharted, as does the level of rich environmental polish developer Rockstar was able to achieve. If you haven’t played through Red Dead before, stop what you’re doing right now and get into it. Already seen the end of Mr. Marsten’s yarn? Replay the game to discover new secrets! What are you waiting for? Go now!

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted 5 Photo Source: weplay.tv | Games Like Uncharted 

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5 | Max Payne 3

Other than the fact that they both have a thirst for killing nameless henchmen, Nathan Drake and Max Payne have almost nothing in common. One is charming, lovable, and never takes himself too seriously. The other is disgruntled, hate-filled and will shoot you dead if you send one sour look his way. That being said, Max Payne 3 is a game similar to Uncharted for its high-octane, character driven, 3rd person shooting action. The Max Payne games revolutionized gunplay in video games with a ground-breaking Matrix-esque bullet slow-down mechanism that gives players the ability to dodge bullets and make easy head-shots. Many games have used this mechanic with mixed results, but ole’ Max did it best.

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted 6 Photo Source: geforce.com | Games Like Uncharted

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6 | Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

A beloved game franchise that got a modern face-lift in recent years, the Prince of Persia controls and looks very much like an Uncharted game, albeit an ever slightly dated version. You won’t find any over-the-top gun fights, but you will find temple crawling, tricky platforming, and ancient mystery solving. The Prince himself can be a bit insufferable at times (like Drake), but that’s easy to ignore when you’re busy rewinding time because of an ill-advised jump down a bottomless chasm. Yes, that’s right. You can rewind time in this one (hello Max Caulfield, but not really?). Something Nathan Drake wishes he could do every time he can’t help himself with a cheeky, if not slightly misogynistic one-liner. Really though, what does Elena see in him?

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted 7 Photo Source: bit-tech.net | Games Like Uncharted

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7 | The Last of Us

It makes sense that The Last of Us is on our list of 3rd person games like Uncharted since it was made by the same developer. Naughty Dog took a few years off from Nathan Drake to introduce the world to Joel and Ellie, and consequently produced one of the finest gaming experiences in recent memory. Like Uncharted, the tight controls, incredible graphics, and emphasis on story are all there. However, the game does veer away from Uncharted when it comes to pacing. The Last of Us deals players a slow burn – one that relies on careful calculation and resource management to carry you through. Don’t worry, though, there’s still plenty of opportunities for a well-placed 3rd person perspective head shot. Splat!

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted 8Photo Source: technobuffalo.com | Games Like Uncharted

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8 | Just Cause 3

You like explosions? You like parachuting? You like causing explosions while parachuting? Then you’re going to love Just Cause 3! Developer Avalanche Studios gives players an enormous sandbox and plenty of outrageous tools to do pretty much whatever they want. Attach 4 rocket-powered sticky bombs to a nun’s face? Don’t mind if I do! Like Uncharted, Just Cause 3 features plenty of high-octane 3rd person action set in a foreign environment. Rico Rodriguez is also an interesting, over-the-top testosterone-fueled hero (even though there’s quite a bit of racial stereotyping going on). However, the game doesn’t have Uncharted’s knack for emotional storytelling, but still… EXPLOSIONS!

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted 9 Photo Source: bigfatweb.com | Games like Uncharted

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9 | Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

For many gamers, the Assassin’s Creed series has all but worn out its welcome. With annual releases that scream inconsistent quality, even the most rabid AC fans started smelling sour milk. The 2015 release of Syndicate, however, has gone a long way to making the series feel fresh again. Fans of Uncharted will love the 3rd person temple crawling, parkour traversal mechanics, and charismatic lead characters. If you’re one of the many who turned their back on AC after the disastrous release of Unity in 2014, you’d be doing yourself a favor to give Syndicate a try. This is one of a few games similar to Uncharted in overall quality and shine. Your milk will assuredly be soured no longer!

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted 10 Photo Source: maximumpc.com | Games Like Uncharted

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Are there any more games like Uncharted I may have missed out on? Leave your thoughts below!

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  1. Giantkiller000@hotmail.com'

    Thank you for the article. I’m not a big gamer, but I loved uncharted 4. So I’ll definitely try some of these. Would love for Red Dead Redemption to come out on the ps4.

    • You’re welcomed! There are rumors of a Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out – but these aren’t fully confirmed ! 🙂

    • srpatterso@aol.com'

      You can get Red Dead Redemption for the PS4 from the PlayStation Store now.

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    Just a heads up, you misspelled Lara Croft. Helpful article though! Thanks


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