5 Cute Animal Games Like Neko Atsume

Cute Animal Games Like Neko Atsume

When it comes to super adorable games, we have to hand it to Neko Atsume – it’s a game overflowing with animal cuteness! It allows players to become virtual pet parents as they create a backyard where they feed, play with, and bathe their stray cats. The game’s name is taken from the Japanese term for “Cat Collecting,” and is one of the most popular free gaming apps on both iTunes and PlayStore. Last year, CNN reported that Neko Atsume has been downloaded approximately 5.5 million times across all platforms since its launch in October 2014. It seems there’s no stopping the popularity of cute animal games like Neko Atsume!

Best of all, Neko Atsume doesn’t require any high-end handsets to run it. In fact, many reviewers of the game have described using low to mid-range handsets in their performance tests. For optimal running of the game though, I’d recommend O2’s offering of this mid-range handset which comes with powerful specifications, such as its super AMOLED display and its mighty quad-core 1.2GHz processor. You’ll be able to run high definition games like Neko Atsume seamlessly and lag-free, no problems!

Although a huge success, Neko Atsume isn’t the only mobile game of its kind. Here are 5 alternative cute animal games like Neko Atsume that can be played on most low to mid-range handsets.

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1. Nekonoke

Cute Animal Games Like Neko Atsume Nekonoke

Nekonoke is one of a few cute cat games like Neko Atsume. It requires players to tap and swipe hairballs off cats and the ground to rake in some good money. You’ll also be able to level up your cats so that they drop even more furballs. This game’s biggest charm lies in its adorable kitties complete with heart-melting animations. Everything progresses a little slowly at first, but you’ll eventually be able to upgrade to having newer cats and buy tons of items for them. Nekonoke has been downloaded 500,000 times since its release last year!

Download Nekonoke from iTunes.


2. Boku to Wanko

Cute Animal Games Like Neko Atsume Boku to Wanko

Do you prefer dogs over cats? If so, you should try Boku to Wanko. It has the same core gameplay as Neko Atsume, but instead of cats, you will be collecting lots of absolutely adorable dogs. Although not original in concept, it’s one of only a small handful of games like Neko Atsume that specifically caters to dog lovers.

Instead of individual names, dogs are represented by their respective breeds. Cats are the enemies in this game as they steal their food, and players need to set a strict timer for each dog on how long they have to stay at your crib to keep the cheeky kitties away. Your pets will also bring you little treats every once in awhile so be sure to check your Gift Box regularly!

Download Boku to Wanko from iTunes.


3. Hamster Collection

Cute Animal Games Like Neko Atsume Hamster Collection

Children always love hamsters…. okay, adults too! Hamster Collection has a somewhat similar gameplay to Neko Atsume. However, the hamsters are slightly more difficult to play with as they have to be taken care of according to a strict day-night cycle, where they happen to be much more active at night. The more affection you give them, the more active your hamsters become and thus are able to perform even more adorable actions and animations. A must-download for anyone keen on cute animal games like Neko Atsume!

Download Hamster Collection on ITunes.


4. Kleptocats

Cute Animal Games Like Neko Atsume Kleptocats

Cats are supposedly kleptomaniacs by nature. So, it’s not at all surprising that the Japanese found a way to incorporate this quirky idea into a game. Kleptocats allows players to send out their cute clowder of kitties to steal and bring back the precious loot they’ve stolen. The game comes with other fun activities too, like mini games and dressing the cats up with lots of quirky outfits. You can also pet your furry felines to increase their happiness meter. Definitely worth checking out for fans of adorable cat games like Neko Atsume.

Download Kleptocats on iTunes.


5. Mitchiri Neko Dash

Cute Animal Games Like Neko Atsume Mitchiri Neko Dash

Another addictive cat game is Mitchiri Neko Dash from the same makers of Mitchiri Neko Mix. It’s an endless runner that lets players control the leading cat, while gathering all the hungry cats and sending them to fish restaurants. Players need to quickly navigate the main cat on the busy street and pick up tiny green boxes that contain different breeds of kitties who will then follow the master feline. It’s kinda like the Pied Piper, only in kitty form! However, ferocious enemies are on the loose in the form of hungry lions and other obstacles on the street that’ll knock away some of your kitty followers. A number of power-ups are also available that’ll make passing each stage slightly easier, such as turning the cat leader invisible for a brief moment. Mitchiri Neko Dash has been downloaded a staggering 2.8 million times!

Download Mitchiri Neko Dash from iTunes.



Know of any other cute animal games like Neko Atsume? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and I’ll put them on the list!

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