13 Best Games Like Until Dawn

A full list of other great games similar to Until Dawn.

13 Best Games Like Until Dawn

Gamers looking for more video games like Until Dawn can readily describe what they love most about the game. This PS4 exclusive is a unique interactive drama survival horror game most renowned for its ‘butterfly effect’ choice-driven narrative.

Developed by Supermassive Games, Until Dawn’s action-packed story centers on eight characters struggling to survive the threat of mysterious antagonists attempting to brutally murder them, the reason for which is revealed through numerous shocking plot twists. This Playstation 4 game is primarily focused on exploration, quick-time events, uncovering clues, and encouraging the player to make prompt decisions which can lead to numerous branching storylines and a huge variety of different endings. It is the last point in particular which has inspired many gamers to play the game multiple times in the hopes of seeing all the many possible choice-driven outcomes. A great number of critics have also praised the game for its gorgeous graphics, creepy environments, and fluid motion-capture animations. Here is an excellent review of Until Dawn by Gamespot.

Below is our curated list of 13 other games like Until Dawn. Many of these games are similar to Until Dawn in the sense that they encourage gamers to make many difficult moral choices and split-second decisions which may impact the storyline in minor or major ways. Gamers will also like the fact that these games like Until Dawn also feature a host of interesting characters, deep choice-driven storylines, and plenty of replay value.

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Our List of Best Games like Until Dawn

1. Life Is Strange

Although not a horror survival game, Life is Strange is a 5-part episodic adventure game like Until Dawn which allows players the freedom to make many storyline-altering decisions. The game takes place in the quiet seaside town of Arcadia Bay and features protagonist Max Caulfield and her punk-rock, blue-haired sidekick Chloe Price. The most fascinating mechanism of Life is Strange is Max’s ability to rewind time, giving her a second chance to change important events in an effort to save the people she loves. Many have regarded this game as the biggest sleeper hit of 2015, and with good reason. Life is Strange stands out from the pack for its heavily emotive themes of friendship and loyalty, its unique art style, provocative music soundtrack, and well-developed characters. Games looking for games like Until Dawn will not be disappointed.

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2. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware is perhaps one of the best developers in gaming today, and with Dragon Age: Inquisition they have undeniably created a sprawling RPG epic that has won legions of fans. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a game similar to Until Dawn in that it allows players the power to drastically change main and individual character storylines through a series of tough moral choices. All of this is coupled with an incredibly addictive fighting mechanic and great voice acting. Multiple playthroughs are definitely encouraged!

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3. Heavy Rain

Yet another Playstation exclusive, Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain is an Until Dawn like action-adventure game which revolves around trying to solve the identity of an enigmatic serial killer known as The Origami Killer. Similar to other games like Until Dawn, the story of Heavy Rain is also highly customizable, whereby decisions from the player can lead every playable character in the game to either live or die. The game also features plenty of tense quick-time moments guaranteed to keep players on the edge of their seats!

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4. Mass Effect

Spanning three full-length games (with plenty of DLC), Mass Effect is an immense sci-fi RPG epic featuring tons of moral choices and multiple outcomes like Until Dawn. This multiple award-winning series features a good blend of customizable hands-on combat, a solid leveling up system, and a huge amount of choice-driven storyline consequences. The dialogue also showcases fantastic voice-acting driven by profound moral and philosophical nuances. High production values ensure that Mass Effect has earned its deserving place as one of the best games series ever made.

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5. Spec Ops: The Line

Perhaps the most underrated game on the list, Spec Ops: The Line is an incredible action-packed military title like no other. This first-person shooter showcases plenty of intense shooting / melee combat combined with a satisfyingly thought-provoking storyline with tons of difficult moral choices to be made (and a killer ending to top things off!). Critics have praised Spec Ops: The Line for daring to handle tough subject matters and expertly painting the grey moral lines between good and evil. Gamers looking for games like Until Dawn will love this choice-driven gem of a title!

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6. The Walking Dead (Seasons 1 & 2)

Based off the popular comic, The Walking Dead (Season 1 & 2) is a zombie-infested episodic interactive drama graphic adventure game widely praised for its intense atmosphere, branching storylines, and well-written character dialogue. As one of a few games similar to Until Dawn, the game presents the player with a huge variety of tough moral choices and split-second decisions, some of which may lead to the death of certain key characters. The series has won more than 80 Game of the Year awards – with good reason! Players looking for nail-biting choice-and-consequence games like Until Dawn will not be disappointed.

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