12 Cool PS4 Accessories to Make Your PS4 Even Cooler

Enhance your console experience with these practical yet super cool PS4 accessories.

12 Cool PS4 Accessories to Make Your PS4 Even Cooler - Coolest PS4 Accessories - Coolest PS4 Controllers - Coolest PS4 Headsets 1

Right out of the box there’s a lot to love about the Playstation 4 (PS4). it’s a virtual cornucopia of exclusive triple-A games, has a slick and modifiable operating system, and possesses plenty of horsepower to make it all turn like Amish butter. Yet, while you’d be fine sticking to that generic ‘out of the box’ status quo, there are also a wealth of incredible add-ons and upgrades that’ll turn this great machine into the unstoppable home entertainment centerpiece it was always meant to be. Here are 12 practical yet super cool PS4 accessories guaranteed to exponentially enhance your console experience.

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1 | Playstation Gold Wireless Headset

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

Most of the time when a product puts ‘gold’ in the name it’s little more than a cheap attempt to put a nice bow on a smelly turd. Fortunately, this cool PS4 headset is anything but a smelly turd. This set is very comfortable, and works well with both audio immersion and microphone functionality. While the price of admission is fairly high, you’ll be relieved to know your ‘gold’ is being well spent.

Read more about the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset.

Special 20th Anniversary and White Versions Available.


2 | Nyko Data Bank

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

With the shift to a largely digital game library, easy access to additional storing options is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately for PS4 users, using an external hard drive with the system requires an advanced degree in McGyver-ing. Thankfully, Nyke has provided us with an ‘easy’ button. The Data Bank comes with easy to follow instructions for how to pry apart your PS4, install a larger hard drive and close things back up without doing harm to the system.

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3 | Nyko DualShock 4 Charging Station

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

If you’re like me, there’s nothing more annoying than your TV telling you to stop being awesome at Bloodborne to recharge your DualShock 4 for the 19th time that week. The notoriously short charge time can be made less terrible with Nyko’s charging stations. They look amazing and are much less cumbersome than using the out-of-the-box USB cable.

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4 | Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers, Set of 4

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

Vigorous PS4 gaming can lead to a variety of unpleasant side-effects, but none more irritating than worn out analog sticks. One of the biggest knocks on the DualShock 4 is the durability (or lack thereof) of the thumb grips. These inexpensive stick covers will protect the sensitive rubber from chips, dings and tears, leaving your thumbs free to abuse them with the intensity you were born to display. They’re also compatible with most other console controllers.

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5 | Thrustmaster T300 RS Steering Wheel

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

Well, the Thrustmaster certainly wins the award for ‘Most Suggestive Name For A Gaming Peripheral’. It also happens to be one of the coolest PS4 steering wheels on the market. Featuring realistic force-feedback, comfortable grips and a slick aesthetic, the T300 RS is everything racing fan’s wet dream. Buy this wheel. You’ll be a master of thrust in no time.

Read more about the Thrustmaster T300 RS Steering Wheel.

6 | Turtle Beach Elite 800 Headset

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

If we’re going to talk PS4 headsets, it’d be a disservice not to mention the best of the best. You’ve never heard a Ferrari engine rev so ferociously, or a clicker howl more piercingly than through a pair of Turtle Beach’s magnum opus. Give your ears (and your game’s audio) the attention they deserve.

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7 | Mad Catz Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition 2

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

While the name is certainly a mouthful, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better PS4 arcade stick than this bad boy from Mad Catz. It just looks menacing. In a good way, of course. With Street Fighter V just around the corner (we think), there’s no better time to invest in a meaty fighting stick. The Fightstick TE2 has got the finest of buttons and joysticks with a hefty plastic base to boot. Hit the nostalgia button and bring the arcade back into your living room. Of all the cool PS4 accessories out there, this arcade stick is among the coolest.

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8 | Netgear WiFi Extender

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

Suffering from a spotty WiFi signal? Tired of screaming into a pillow and kicking holes in your wall as a result of dropped Crucible matches? Well, be an angry wireless internet sufferer no longer with this must-have PS4 accessory! This WiFi extender is as inconspicuous as it is effective, properly boosting even the most flaccid internet signals. You can buy one when you’re out getting spackle for your hole-y drywall.

Read more about Netgear WiFi Extender.


9 | PS4 Camera

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

Hold on, hold on. Hear me out. Yes, the PS4 Camera is Sony’s weak attempt to rip off an already weak product in the Microsoft Kinect, but there are plenty of cool things it can do that make it worth a look. For one, talking to your TV and have it do stuff is awesome. Also, this is a cool PS4 accessory for you if you’ve got friends across the world and want to watch them cry after a series of FIFA pummelings.

Read more about the PS4 Camera.


10 | PS TV

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

The recently released PS TV is an inexpensive alternative to buying a whole other PS4 to get gaming in more than one room. Via remote play, you can use the PS TV to connect to your PS4 and play any and all games in your library. It works best with your digital games, as you’d have to physically change out a game in your PS4 if you want to play it on your PS TV. Everybody got that? Good.

Read more about the PS TV.


11 | Turtle Beach Headset Upgrade

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

Got a headset for your PS3 that for some money-grubbing reason won’t work with your shiny new PS4? Well, rather than dragging ass over to the nearest electronic store to fist over more cash for a brand new (compatible!) headset, save some cash with this handy adaptor. True, you will have to deal with more wires and a few unsightly dongles, but it’s better than giving into the evils of capitalism when you don’t have to.

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12 | PS Vita

12 Cool PS4 Accessories | Games Like Zone

It’s true, the PS Vita is all but a dead elephant. A lack of true first party support and vision from Sony has left this promising handheld with few compelling reasons to be a mainstay handheld in most people’s lives. However, if you do happen to own one (and love it like I do), you’re probably already well aware of its cross-play compatibility with the PS4. Playing your PS4 games on the go is a great way to maximize your Playstation experience even when you aren’t calling in sick to play Fallout 4 all day.

Read more about the PS Vita.


What do you think of my list of cool PS4 accessories? Share your thoughts below!

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