10 Best .io Games Like Diep.io

Blast your foes to oblivion with these Diep.io-like must-plays!

Best .io games like Diep.io Games Similar to Diep.io Diep.io Like Games

The best .io games like Diep.io make us all procrastinators.

Here’s an example. Just the other day a friend rang me up. “Hey!” he said, “let’s meet up for a few drinks!”

I said ‘Yes!’ – that is, “right after a quick game of Diep.io”.

Five minutes turned to ten. Ten to thirty. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and I’m still at home, well into my eighth Diep.io match. My friend has all but given up on me.

Such is the life of a hardcore Diep.ioer… or whatever you call us.

Like Agar.io and Slither.io before it, Diep.io is a free browser game that’s so ridiculously simple yet so damn addictive. Basically, you control a 2D geometric tank, moving across a battlefield filled with other online players. You shoot at (or smash into) random objects, using the points you get to power up different stats. All the better to destroy your enemies with in a spew of bullet-hell mayhem!

Best of all, Diep.io is actually much more strategically nuanced than first meets the eye. That’s because how you level up your tank matters. Should you first upgrade your bullet strength, or maybe quickly speed up your movement instead? In addition, you also have to choose from a range of tank classes (e.g. sniper, machine gun, etc.), adding further depth to the way you play.

Now, here’s the good news.

For all you addicts, there’s actually a whole range of best .io games like Diep.io available for anyone to try. All these Diep.io-like games are free and have many comparable features. Here’s 10 of them!


Selection Criteria For Our List

  • The best .io games like Diep.io must have similar core gameplay mechanics. This includes a large battlefield, needing to collect stuff, various upgrades, etc.
  • You should be able to shoot projectile weapons of some sort. 
  • Multiplayer is a must! 
  • Must be browser-based with basic graphics
  • Each game does not need to be hosted on a website ending with .io per se (a superficial distinction). Nonetheless, all of them should be popular among Diep.io, Agar.io, Slither.io, etc. fans. 


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1. Doblons.io

Best .io games like Diep.io Doblons.io 2

Doblons.io is one of the best .io games like Diep.io – only, here, you play as a ship, not a tank. Similar to Diep.io, you’ll cross a large battlefield, shooting at your sailing rivals. However, instead of blasting at random objects, you merely have to move over them the way you would in Agar.io. These objects are actually Doblons – coins you can use to purchase new ship upgrades and weapons.

Like most Diep.io-like games, how you upgrade your ship matters. You pick from a range of attributes, including Hull Strength, Canon Range, Movement Speed, and so on. In addition, there are special crews you’ll able to call upon. For example, you can hire a Fishing Boat to collect coins on your behalf (very useful) or even a Man of War ship to do battle alongside you. Various weapon upgrades and styles are also available.

Overall, Doblons.io is quickly gaining popularity among Diep.io fans, even as matches remain lag-free (for the most part). This is undoubtedly one of the most addictive games like Diep.io at the moment.

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Play Doblons.io Online.


2. Gunr.io

Best .io games like Diep.io Gunr.io

Akin to Diep.io, Gunr.io sees you travelling across a large battlefield, trying to out-shoot your rivals as you level up. However, the spaceship you control here moves at a much faster base speed than even fully upgraded Diep.io tanks, making matches a little more intense. In addition, you only need to move over random objects Agar.io-style to collect them. This actually frees your attention up to focus on the rapid multiplayer fights on hand.

Gunr.io doesn’t let you choose your own spaceship classes. Instead, you evolve automatically whenever you reach a new level. Weapon and speed upgrades are also scattered throughout the map, meaning there’re no stat-tables to pick from.

This game stands out from other best .io games like Diep.io for its gorgeous Tron-filtered graphics. Everything from ship designs to projectile shots are neon colored, with some great-looking effects and explosions thrown in. Admittedly, maxing out the graphics can cause some lag – but you can easily tone down the settings.

Overall, Gunr.io is a strong up-and-coming Diep.io-like game that’s gathering quite a bit of attention. Definitely worth checking out!

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Play Gunr.io Online.


3. Tankar.io


Tankar.io is all the cool parts of Agar.io, Slither.io, and Diep.io. rolled into one. You run your tank over objects strewn across the arena, slowly growing larger in size in true Agar.io / Slither.io fashion. At the same time, like Diep.io, you’ll be firing shots at your foes from your rotating tank gun.

Also similar to Diep.io, your movements in Tankar.io carry momentum force. The bigger you get, the more intentionally unwieldy you become – which is all part of the challenge. It’s quite hilarious to see tanks grow to such immense proportions that they no longer fit on the screen (i.e. it also means they’re impossible to miss targets!) Chat is also enabled in Tankar.io, making for some fun in-game trash talking.

Tankar.io is a bit rough around the edges in terms of graphics. However, this is only a tiny gripe, seeing as the game is still in active development. A major plus from this is that everything runs relatively smooth with minimal dips in framerate.

All in all, Tankar.io has all the right elements to make it one of the best .io games like Diep.io around.

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Play Tankar.io Online.


4. War in Space

Best .io games like Diep.io Warin.Space

War in Space isn’t technically an .io game – but it’s easy to see why I included it in this list of games like Diep.io. In essence, you control a spaceship fighting for either the red or blue team. Collecting random scrap gives you upgrade points, which you can then use to improve your ship’s core stats and weapons. How you sequence these upgrades is up to you. There’s also a huge range of 22 different spaceships to choose from, each with their distinct strengths and weaknesses. Some are slow and powerful whilst others are able to speed across the map with lighter but less damaging weapons.

Like Diep.io, you shoot at your opponents till their life bar runs out, dodging incoming projectiles along the way. However, War in Space is unique in that the main objective of each match is to destroy the opposing team’s base – a little like what you’d do in DoTA or . Also, unlike Diep.io, movement is fully mouse-controlled (without settings) and there’s no momentum force to contend with. Graphics are much more detailed compared to Diep.io. Ship designs are especially impressive.

War in Space is one of the most popular games like Diep.io around – with good reason. It’s simple, addictive, and strategic, just like any of the best .io games out there.

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Play War in Space Online.


5. Panzer.io

Best .io games like Diep.io Panzer.io

As I said before, non-stop Diep.io matches distracted me from meeting my friend. Well, if only I’d known about Panzer.io back then! Why? Because it’s a mobile app… that’s arguably a tad bit better than Diep.io’s own portable version. So, that means that you, me, and everyone can now feed our addictions on the move. No more excuses.

Panzer.io does not shy away from shamelessly mimicking Diep.io in nearly every aspect (i.e. seriously, read the app’s official description). It has similar aesthetics, upgrades, movements, and tank classes. However, there are some key differences. For starters, you’re able to level up all the way to 70, which is kinda awesome. You’ve also got some groovy music playing in the background, for better or worse. Most important of all, you’ll be controlling your tank entirely with the touch-pad. This may take some getting used to at first – but you’ll soon get the hang of things.

The game has a positive 4/5 stars rating out of 3000+ user reviews (as of the time of this writing). That’s an affirmation if I ever saw one! Overall, Panzo.io is inarguably one of the best .io games like Diep.io that’s available for both iOS and Android.

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Play Panzer.io.


Most best .io games like Diep.io await!
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