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Eat, grow, and slither your way to victory with these Slither.io-like games!

Addictive Games Like Slither.io Games Similar To Slither.io Slitherio

6. flOw

Addictive Games Like Slither.io flOw

A few gamers consider flOw to be a bit of a predecessor to Slither.io. Instead of a snake, you control an ethereal sea creature that grows in size as you consume other oceanic creatures. There are of course fierce enemies awaiting to cut you down to size, literally. flOw has been highly praised for its gorgeous art-style, immersive sound design, and the calming pace of the overall game. A recent update adds multiplayer support for a maximum of four players. Anyone looking for games like Slither.io should think of giving flOw a try!

Play flOw.


7. Limax.io

Addictive Games Like Slither.io Limax.io

In Limax.io, you play as a tear-drop shaped creature that, like other games like Slither.io, grows in size as you eat items across the map. You’ll also have to trip up your online rivals by strategically making them die from bumping into you. However, compared to Slither.io, speeding up your creature actually drains your length at a much faster rate. Limax.io’s graphics are minimalist with a limited color palette, keeping things clean and simple but still addictively fun.

Play Limax.io Online.


8. Osmos

Addictive Games Like Slither.io Osmos

Akin to most games like Slither.io, Osmos has a very similar ‘eat and grow or die’ idea, except you control a single-celled organism instead of a snake. The game also has several original mechanics thrown in, such as time-warps and ‘zones’ that affect the type of enemies you can consume. Osmos features an invitingly ambient soundtrack with surreal visuals, and has actually won numerous indie game awards in its year of release. Many consider Osmos to be a key preceding influence to games like Slither.io and Agar.io.

Play Osmos.


9. MaMuSnaMa

Addictive Games Like Slither.io MaMuSnaMa

MaMuSnaMa is what you get when you combine old school Nokia’s Snake with the online multiplayer elements of Slither.io. Again, you control a simple snake, scrambling with other real-life players to swallow randomly generated items and grow in size. You die from either tripping yourself up or touching enemy snakes. MaMuSnaMa (or Massive Multiplayer Snake Madness) isn’t pretty to look like, but those looking for games like Slither.io with similar core mechanics will definitely enjoy this free-to-play game.

Play MaMuSnaMa Online.


10. Mitosis

Addictive Games Like Slither.io Mitos.is

Similar to Slither.io and Agar.io, Mitosis is a gaming app that sees you eating other players and scattered objects to grow in size. A major difference, however, is the inclusion of some additional game modes, such as Soccer and Capture The Flag, that adds hours of addictive team-based fun to the mix. The game was developed by Freakinware Limited, who are the same folks who created Worm.is. A good alternative option for anyone searching for similar ‘eat and grow’ games like Slither.io sans the snake.

Play Mitosis.


Know of any more games like Slither.io? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section below and we’ll add it to the list!



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  1. geert@curvefever.com'

    Definitely curvefever.io should be in the list. Classic game and very well executed

    • Thanks for the helpful suggestion! We’ll give it a try and then add it in. Appreciate it!

  2. owen@allinwebpro.com'

    Super fun!

    • It is! I still play it today! Also try diep.io 🙂


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