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Peter is a prolific freelance writer, an avid long-time gamer, and author of The Self-Aware Man which focuses on self-help advice sans the BS.

Movies Like Inception

Director / Screenwriter Christopher Nolan is no stranger to mind-twisting film stories and settings. Movies like Inception are an example. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this is a modern masterpiece all about the vast intricacies of human subconscious, and the extent a band of ‘extractors’ will go to to implant thoughts into people’s heads. This movie blew us away with something far more ...[Read More]

Best Gangster Games Like Mafia Games Similar to Mafia

Italy is famous for three things: pizza, Marcus Aurelius… and organized crime families. Okay, I kid! Seriously, the country’s also famous for plenty more (football included). However, it’s hard to deny the storied Italian Mob has been the inspiration for more movies, TV shows, and video games than there are bullets in a Tommy gun clip. In light of that, it’s easy to see why...[Read More]

Sandbox Building Games Like Minecraft Similar Games To Minecraft

The gaming community has run out of superlatives to describe the international digital phenomenon that is . To think, what started as one man’s basement tinkering has turned into a multibillion dollar cash cow that has players frothing at the mouth for more games like Minecraft. And, hey, they got them! With Minecraft becoming such a commercial success, a tidal wave of “me too” experiences were bo...[Read More]

8 Open World Action Games Like GTA V

If you haven’t played  by now, you might as well just stay under that rock because no one will want to talk to you if you ever crawl out. When it initially released in 2013, the gaming world exploded into a nuclear mushroom cloud as millions upon millions of units were shipped overnight. Needless to say, the Grand Theft Auto brand (particularly GTA III onward) is now ubiquitous with open-world gam...[Read More]

Games Like Goat Simulator

Let’s face it: a video game involving goats is pretty damn weird. But when goats are central to the entire concept and creation of a videogame, that’s when things really fly off the rails. It’s tough to describe  (or games like Goat Simulator) without sounding insane, which I suppose is the point. You play as a goat. You smash into things. You score points. That’s the long and skinny. It’s a weird...[Read More]

Games Like Boom Beach

Boom Beach represents a growing niche in mobile gaming that has an enormous marketing force behind it. Games like Boom Beach are being pushed because they are highly profitable, yes, but they’re also being pushed hard because they’re fun and addictive. There are hundreds of copycats and ‘me-toos’ out there to sift through, and some are definitely more worth your time than others. Here’s our list o...[Read More]

Games Like Bloodborne - Games Similar to Bloodborne - Very Hard Games 1

Bloodborne caught a lot of us by surprise. We expected it to be hard. We expected it to be beautiful. We expected it to be filled with twisting pathways, devious secrets and the weirdest collection of boss battles this side of Metal Gear Solid. What we didn’t expect was just how damn good From Software’s follow up to Dark Souls 2 would actually be. Here’s a hint: it’s really very good. Games like ...[Read More]

3rd Person Games Like Uncharted - Games Similar to Uncharted 3

The Uncharted series is a 3rd person perspective game best known for high-octane set-pieces, compelling storytelling and ancient tomb… raiding. Developer Naughty Dog is arguably the best when it comes to crafting interesting characters and pitting them against insurmountable odds. The game’s leading man, Nathan Drake, is a half-smiling, gun-toting, machismo-oozing bad-ass who will stop at no...[Read More]

12 Cool PS4 Accessories to Make Your PS4 Even Cooler - Coolest PS4 Accessories - Coolest PS4 Controllers - Coolest PS4 Headsets 1

Right out of the box there’s a lot to love about the Playstation 4 (PS4). it’s a virtual cornucopia of exclusive triple-A games, has a slick and modifiable operating system, and possesses plenty of horsepower to make it all turn like Amish butter. Yet, while you’d be fine sticking to that generic ‘out of the box’ status quo, there are also a wealth of incredible add-ons and upgrades that’ll turn t...[Read More]

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