Patrice Marrero

Patrice Marrero is a freelance writer, dog lover, beach bum, bookworm, and movie enthusiast, living on the shores of Cape Cod. Her guiltiest pleasure is watching or reading anything related to the zombie apocalypse, and she's proud to say her addiction to the undead started way before The Walking Dead rose from AMC. You can connect with Patrice on her website

Teenage Comedy Movies Like The Duff

Based on the novel by Kody Keplinger, The Duff tells the story of Bianca (Mae Whitman), a high school senior, as she finds out she’s ‘The DUFF’ (aka Designated Ugly Fat Friend) of her group of supermodel-looking friends. In response, she turns to the most popular guy in school for some help raising her social status. The movie then follows Bianca through the ups and downs of life, love and friends...[Read More]

Movies Like Mad Max Fury Road

relit the fire that is Mad Max. The character has been portrayed for decades, but the latest installment is one of the most visually stunning, exciting, and entertaining post-apocalyptic action movies that has ever been made. Normally, heavy action-oriented movies like Mad Max seldom receive all too many Academy Award nods. However, so impressive was the film that Mad Max: Fury Road took home a wh...[Read More]

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