Matthew Parker

Matt is a programmer by trade although he spends most of his free time playing and writing about games. He rates Katamari Damacy as one of the greatest games since the beginning of forever.

Best Tycoon Games Best Business Simulation Games

There really have been an awful lot of ‘Tycoon’ style games released over the years. This was especially the case during the 90s and early 2000s which saw new business simulation games dropped into the market every other week. Many were simply mediocre cash-ins. However, a few have stood the test of time as the best tycoon games ever made. These classics certainly know how to tap into our capitali...[Read More]

Best 4X Games Like Civilization 6 Similar to Civ VI

The best 4X games like Civilization 6 know how to hook us in. Since its release, people have been pouring countless hours into ruling their populations, expanding empires, and crushing their enemies. Top that off with improvements to old systems, new research boosts, customisable governments, etc. and you have a new 4X classic on your hands (even if a few are still nostalgic for Civ V). Itching fo...[Read More]

Best FPS Games Like Call of Duty Games Similar To CoD

Another year rolls along and yet another Call of Duty game is released. Some let out a groan; others rejoice at the chance to jump back into the war-fray. Yet, whatever your feelings towards its annual installments, it’s hard to deny the franchise’s immense blockbuster success. Combined, CoD games have netted billions in sales – with the newest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare bringing i...[Read More]

Online Family Games Like Animal Jam Games Similar To Animal Jam

Since 2010, Animal Jam has quickly grown into a community of tens of millions of players, making it one of the biggest online family games in history. This massively multiplayer online virtual world is set in the fictional country of Jamaa where you create your own cute animals to interact with other friendly Animal Jammers. There are also countless parties to attend with a score of social activit...[Read More]

10 Multiple Route Games Like Deus Ex : Mankind Divided

These days, players often demand freedom of choice in their games. For some, it’s not good enough to run into a room with guns blazing. That’s great and all – but how about sneaking options and stealth kills, or distracting enemies away from your path? In light of this, we’ve decided to put together a list of games that give you the freedom to decide your own play-style – with a specific foc...[Read More]

10 Online Collectible Card Games Like Hearthstone

Amidst a wealth of new video gaming mechanics, it’s heartening to see many modern gamers still enjoy playing good ‘ol fashioned collectible card games. One of the most popular online collectible card games at the moment is Blizzard’s runaway hit, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Available on multiple devices, this massively successful release belongs to a sub-genre filled with lots of ...[Read More]

Online Virtual World Games Like Second Life Games Similar to Second Life

We live in a pretty chaotic (and oftentimes depressing) 21st century ‘reality’. So there’s never been a better time to jump into an alternate online world and start afresh there. In such respects, you’ve probably already heard of Second Life – one of the best online virtual world games around that offers you a vast sandbox realm to run amok in. Popular since the mid 2000s, the ga...[Read More]

Best MOBA Games Like League of Legends Games Similar to League of Legends

The MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre has had a long-sustaining boom of sorts. One of the best MOBA games ever released is the now-famous League of Legends. The franchise has a massive following of dedicated players which has collectively matured into an extremely competitive eSports scene. It’s easy to see why MOBA games like League of Legends are so popular too, what with the huge num...[Read More]

Augmented Reality Apps Games Like Pokemon Go Games Similar to Pokemon GO

To say that games like Pokemon GO have taken the world by storm would still be a massive understatement. To date, millions of people have committed themselves to ‘catching ’em all’. The premise of the game is fairly simple: it makes use of your physical location (via GPS) and combines this with Augmented Reality (AR). This makes the Pokemon you encounter seem to appear ‘in front of you’. In realit...[Read More]

Hack and Slash Games Like Diablo 3

The Diablo series really struck a special chord with gamers when it launched back in 97. It’s maintained its popularity for years thanks to the more recent release of Diablo 3 which remains easy to pick up, has tons of interesting loot to find, and constantly rewards you with new power-ups. Given the series’s lasting popularity, it’s no wonder loads of games like Diablo are being churned out...[Read More]

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