Kathryn Haro

Kathryn Haro is an NYC based freelance writer and editor. She’s been a gamer her entire life and loves RPGs, Horror, and Indie titles. When she’s not playing video games, Kathryn writes short stories, talks to her cat, Cheeto, and takes long naps.

20 Classic Isometric Role-Playing Games Like Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate took the gaming world by storm back in 1998 and still remains one of the most beloved isometric role-playing games of all-time, with its sequel (Baldur’s Gate 2) enjoying similar cult standing. Set within the Forgotten Realms universe, these games featured deep character developments and fascinating story-arcs that had players hooked as they roamed the world for rare equipment,...[Read More]

Games Like FNAF Five Nights At Freddy's

It wasn’t too long ago when took the gaming world by storm. This indie horror game full of jump scares and mysteries kept us hooked with each installment in the series. Creator Scott Cawthon knows how to exploit our fears and we keep coming back for more. His utterly frightening creations are a perfect example of how a game with simple controls can excel with clever design, a mysterious story, and...[Read More]

Kick-Ass Video Game Female Protagonists - Video Game Female Characters 1

There are hundreds of video games featuring heroic and multidimensional male leads. Meanwhile, video game female characters are usually demoted to mere supporting roles. Some are even used as little more than lame half-naked specimens for jiggly game physics (hello, Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball!). Thankfully, there are also quite a few video games which showcase powerhouse female protagonists wh...[Read More]

City Building Games Like SimCity - Games Similar to SimCity 0

Do you love SimCity? Craving for more similar simulation games in your life? This list has got you covered! Check out my picks for the 10 Best City Building Games like SimCity. Each of the following PC games is a stunning world / town / city building simulator in its own right. You may have already heard of some of these simulation games, but others are fairly obscure. Like SimCity, all of them gi...[Read More]

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