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Alfie is Editor-in-Chief of Games Like Zone and has been an avid gamer since the age of 6. His also enjoys reading comics, B-grade horror movies, and travelling to obscure places in the world.

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale

Games like Clash Royale are insane time-sinkers. Created by Supercell, Clash Royale is a multiplayer hybrid of tower defense, MOBA, and collectible card games. You play in an arena with two towers and a King’s Tower, dragging your cards (i.e. units) onto twin lanes to both defend and attack your opponent’s army and buildings. Every card has unique strengths and weaknesses, requiring varying levels...[Read More]

Best Gaming Blogs RETRONUKE

Best Gaming Blogs is our brand-new series committed to supporting the best gaming blogs across the Internet (especially indie ones!). For each post, we interview blog owners who inspire us with their original content and passion for all things gaming. Keen to be featured? Drop us a line here and tell us more about your gaming blog! Indie game developers with blogs are also welcomed! For our debut ...[Read More]

Best .io games like Games Similar to Like Games

The best .io games like make us all procrastinators. Here’s an example. Just the other day a friend rang me up. “Hey!” he said, “let’s meet up for a few drinks!” I said ‘Yes!’ – that is, “right after a quick game of”. Five minutes turned to ten. Ten to thirty. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and I’m still at home, well into my eighth match. My friend has all but given ...[Read More]

10 Online Board Games Like Risk

Risk is a classic board game invented by Albert Lamorisse (a film director, of all things!). His idea was later purchased by legendary game-makers Parker Brothers and first released to the public in 1957. Decades later, Risk still retains much of its original concept. You pick a side, deploy your troops, and attack others in a quest to achieve global dominance. Defense and reinforcements are also ...[Read More]

Best Gaming Headsets Sound BlasterX H5 Review Main Image

The Sound BlasterX H5 is, without a doubt, one of the best gaming headsets we’ve had the pleasure of testing. It basically has everything right going for it: fair pricing (you won’t break the bank with this one) coupled with a crisp well-balanced sound, solid craftsmanship, and smart design. Perhaps most important of all, this gaming headset is exceedingly comfortable to wear for hours on end (i.e...[Read More]

Block Puzzle Games Like Tetris Games Similar To Tetris

Created in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris remains remarkably popular even today, with official games still being produced for a variety of platforms. The premise of this block puzzle game remains simple: you align and rotate falling pieces of four connected blocks of various shapes to form lines that disappear, with the pace of the game increasing gradually. Games like Tetris prove that old-skool...[Read More]

Ragdoll Physics Games Like Happy Wheels Games Similar to Happy Wheels

Developed by Jim Bonacci, Happy Wheels is proof that the most addictive multiplatform games are often the most conceptually simple… and masochistic. You pick one of several characters, each with a unique vehicle, trying to race to the finish line or complete other seemingly innocuous objectives. However, spikes and various other deadly traps obstruct your way. One wrongly timed move ends wit...[Read More]

10 First-Person Horror Games Like Outlast

Outlast is a first-person horror game widely praised for its immersive psychiatric hospital setting and ability to invoke sheer terror via basic but creative game mechanics, including its now-famous ‘viewfinder’ perspective. You play as Miles Upshur, an investigative reporter hoping to uncover the disturbing truth behind Mount Massive Asylum. Things soon descend into chaos when Miles f...[Read More]

Addictive Games Like Games Similar To Slitherio

Developed by Steve Howse, is an immensely popular but simple online game where you start off as a small snake, gradually growing longer and larger as you consume glowing orbs scattered across the map or dropped from killed opponents. The game is in essence a modern take on the classic Nokia ‘snake’ game with better graphics, a large ‘arena’, and multiplayer support. There’s also a keen ...[Read More]

retro FPS games like Doom

Doom is inarguably one of the granddaddies of FPS games, with the first Doom (proceeding Wolfenstein 3D) pushing the genre into mainstream success. Inspired, many developers over the years have followed suit with a long list of games like Doom. But you can never hold a true classic down. Louder, faster, and more brutal than ever, the recent reboot will have you destroying demons with heavy-metal i...[Read More]

Parkour Video Games Like Mirror's Edge Games Similar to Mirror's Edge Catalyst

The original Mirror’s Edge is inarguably one of the greatest parkour video games ever released. Despite only marginal mainstream success on initial release, the game has garnered a well-deserved loyal fanbase over the years. This isn’t surprising given the fact that Mirror’s Edge fluid momentum-driven parkour mechanics still feel as fresh as ever. Even better, the never  sees Faith (th...[Read More]

Insane Competitive Games Like Rocket League Games Similar to Rocket League

At the time of this writing, has made a whopping $40 million (not including sales on PSN) and has been played by more than 14 million people worldwide. Not too shabby for a simple game about “soccer, with rocket-powered cars”. Indeed, games like Rocket League are testament to how massive success can be built from basic (and addictive!) premises. biggest appeal lies in the fact that it ...[Read More]

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