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Alfie is Editor-in-Chief of Games Like Zone and has been an avid gamer since the age of 6. His also enjoys reading comics, B-grade horror movies, and travelling to obscure places in the world.

Cult Classic Bad Movies Like The Room

Cult classic bad movies like The Room are just so atrocious, they’re sheer (accidental) genius! Tommy Wiseau is the King of Descended Alien Filmmakers. He can’t act, he can’t produce, and he most certainly can’t direct. But, by God, Mr. Wiseau has somehow put together a timeless train-wreck of a movie that, against all odds, has remained in theaters far longer than most so-called ‘betterR...[Read More]

Best Battle Royale Games Like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are all the rage right now. According to IGN, this early-access game has already sold more than 1 million copies, with sales still going strong. The game’s premise is simple. You first leap out of a plane, starting with nothing. You’ll then run around collecting loot, arming yourself to face off against other players as the p...[Read More]

Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story Games Similar to Episode

Interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story empower you to live out the imaginary life of your dreams. You get to make important choices as various customized characters, a la Choose Your Own Adventure style. Each choice leads you down a different path with exciting plot twists and events thrown in. Episode Choose Your Story features more than 50,000 gripping Hollywood-style stories of ...[Read More]

10 Terrifying VR Horror Games Like Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Horror games like Resident Evil 7 are terrifying all on their own. But what happens when you play them in VR? You sh** yourself, that’s what happens! Resident Evil 7 VR’s mode proves that the tech is far more than just a novel gimmick. It empowers the game with full 360 immersion, making you feel like a true horror hedonist. Every jump scare, creepy-as-f*** environment, and murderous Baker f...[Read More]

10 Space Opera Games Like Mass Effect

The best space opera games like Mass Effect are all about good stories and unforgettable characters. Created by BioWare, the original Mass Effect trilogy follows Commander Shepard’s fight to save the universe from Cerberus and the Reapers. Released on PC and consoles, these games are a hybrid of RPG elements, fast-paced combat, and decision-making gameplay. However, it is the epic sci-fi plot that...[Read More]

Best Idle Games Like Cookie Clickers

The best idle games like Cookie Clicker always appeal to our base addictions. Also referred to as ‘clicker games’ or ‘incremental games’, these titles generally involve you repeatedly performing simple actions (e.g. clicking the screen) to gain some form of currency. This is then used to purchase in-game items or power-ups that, in turn, increase your rate of passive income for you to buy more stu...[Read More]

10 Challenging Strategy Games Like Darkest Dungeon

Made by Red Hook Studios, Darkest Dungeon sees you guide a team of heroes down the dim corridors of a Lovecraft-esque dungeon. The core gameplay is an addictive mix of turn-based combat and real-time side-scrolling. Darkest Dungeon isn’t a ‘pure’ roguelike game, though it does contain many familiar elements that define the sub-genre. To survive, you’ll need to strike a bala...[Read More]

Farming Simulation Games Like Stardew Valley

Created by Eric Barone, Stardew Valley is a charming farming simulator that has captured the hearts of fans across the world. The game’s main premise is simple. You play a character who inherits a house and plot of land from your grandfather. At the start, everything is in disarray. It’s thus up to you to clear the mess to get a proper farm running. You’ll tend to your livestock and crops, t...[Read More]

Best Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale

Games like Clash Royale are insane time-sinkers. Created by Supercell, Clash Royale is a multiplayer hybrid of tower defense, MOBA, and collectible card games. You play in an arena with two towers and a King’s Tower, dragging your cards (i.e. units) onto twin lanes to both defend and attack your opponent’s army and buildings. Every card has unique strengths and weaknesses, requiring varying levels...[Read More]

Best Gaming Blogs RETRONUKE

Best Gaming Blogs is our brand-new series committed to supporting the best gaming blogs across the Internet (especially indie ones!). For each post, we interview blog owners who inspire us with their original content and passion for all things gaming. Keen to be featured? Drop us a line here and tell us more about your gaming blog! Indie game developers with blogs are also welcomed! For our debut ...[Read More]

Best .io games like Games Similar to Like Games

The best .io games like make us all procrastinators. Here’s an example. Just the other day a friend rang me up. “Hey!” he said, “let’s meet up for a few drinks!” I said ‘Yes!’ – that is, “right after a quick game of”. Five minutes turned to ten. Ten to thirty. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and I’m still at home, well into my eighth match. My friend has all but given ...[Read More]

10 Online Board Games Like Risk

Risk is a classic board game invented by Albert Lamorisse (a film director, of all things!). His idea was later purchased by legendary game-makers Parker Brothers and first released to the public in 1957. Decades later, Risk still retains much of its original concept. You pick a side, deploy your troops, and attack others in a quest to achieve global dominance. Defense and reinforcements are also ...[Read More]

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